Friday, August 22, 2008

Review: Wanderlust

Title: Wanderlust
Author: Ann Aguirre
Genre: Science Fiction
Series: Jax series/Book Two

I had the great fortune of winning an ARC of Ann Aguirre’s Wanderlust. This is her second novel in the Jax series. In the first novel, Grimspace, we met Sirantha Jax who is what is known as a jumper. She has the unique genetics needed to navigate or "jump" through grimspace.

Now Jax and crew are back and the amazing ride Aguirre took readers on in Grimspace continues in Wanderlust. The story picks up where Grimspace left off with hearings concerning the Farwan trial. Jax is without a job and the corporation is gone so there’s no one to pay her to jump. So she makes a career change becoming an ambassador for New Terra. She does this more out of desperation than confidence in her abilities. She and her crew are to travel to Ithiss-Tor, homeworld of Velith Il-Nok. Vel is the bounty hunter who was after Jax in Grimspace and is now part of the crew. Vel is to help with diplomatic relations between the inhabitants of his homeworld and the new ambassador.

We also learn more about Jax’s family life and her early years. The part her parents played in her decisions, what shaped her into who she has become and the why of the decisions that she has made.

As the crew gets ready to travel to with their new ambassador aboard they make a few detours along the way. Of course everything doesn’t go smoothly and they get involved in a war on Lachion. Things are not going well for the Gunner-Dahlgren clan and March's feelings of responsibility towards Keri Dahlgren come between him and Jax. Their relationship comes to a head and Jax discovers just how strong she is and how much she is willing to give up.

Some old faces and a few new ones are introduced. Along for the ride with Jax are March, Dina, Doc and Vel. We also meet some new crew members, Hit and Jael. Aguirre stays true to her world building. She expands on it with the new characters and exploring how those characters fit into Jax’s ever changing world.

This is an amazing series for anyone who likes strong world building, interesting characters and plenty of action.

Rating: A+

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