Friday, October 17, 2008

Elizabeth Hoyt ~ News & Free Serial Novella

Updates and news for Elizabeth Hoyt fans of which I'm one ~ love her books!

The second book in her Legend of the Four Soldiers Series, To Seduce a Sinner is due out on the 28th per Amazon but Ms. Hoyt's site says it out now. It's the story of Lord Vale and Melisande Fleming. They were secondary characters in To Taste Tempation, the first book in the series.

The third book in the series is called To Beguile a Beast, due out in May 2009. It's about Sir Alistair Munroe and ???. His heroine hasn't been named yet. Hopefully we'll find out more in To Seduce a Sinner. And the fourth book is To Desire a Devil. No cover yet, release date of November 2009.

Her covers are so beautiful and the stepbacks are even better!

Starting in January Ms. Hoyt will be posting a chapter a month of a novella called The Ice Princess. This is about Coral Smythe, a secondary character from The Raven Prince. Here's the synopsis from her website:

As the madam of Aphrodite’s Grotto, the most infamous brothel in London, Coral Smythe knows everything possible about men’s needs and desires. Yet she’s never experienced the love of a single man—not even that of Captain Isaac Wargate whose hawk-like eyes stare at her with both condemnation…and lust.

Captain Wargate heartily disapproves of the sensuous madam who always wears a golden mask. She lures his officers from both his ship and their duty. But when Coral herself is offered up as the prize in a game of chance, Wargate impulsively enters…and wins.

Now the puritanical navy captain has just seven nights to learn everything he can about the mysterious madam and what she knows of a man’s desires. But when Coral is threatened by the new owner of Aphrodite’s Grotto, will Wargate take a chance on the woman beneath the mask…and on love?

Also for November only, you can order a free preview booklet of the first chapter of The Ice Princess and the first chapter of For the Love of Pete by Julia Harper the contemporary name Ms. Hoyt writes under. Here's my review of HOT, the other Julia Harper book. For the Love of Pete sounds like another fun read. The info for ordering these and subscribing to her newsletter can be found here.


  1. I happened to read an ARC of To Seduce a Sinner and it was wonderful. In fact I think it's an upcoming 'discussion' between Katie and me - once we get to it :-)
    And I think it is out now because I just got notice from Chapters that it has shipped (and squeal - I should be getting it soon)

  2. Lucky you Kristie! I love Elizabeth Hoyt's books. Haven't been dissapointed yet.

    I'll start looking for it this weekend cause the TBR mountain isn't quite big enough. lol

  3. I didn't really like To Taste Temptation, but I'm hoping that I'll like the next two better. Nice covers.

  4. Sorry you didn't like it Brie. :(

    It sounds like the next one is very good. Have to keep an eye out for Kristie and Katie's discussion.

  5. Elizabeth Hoyt is one of my few autobuy authors these days! Can't wait to read the book that is just out and The Ice Princess!

  6. Hi Marg ~ I still need to get to the book store and get To Seduce a Sinner. It sounds really good. And getting the novella will be a sweet treat!