Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Review: Mine Till Midnight

Title: Mine Till Midnight
Author: Lisa Kleypas
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Hathaways/Book 1

Amelia Hathaway is searching the London night for her wayward brother Leo. Before she can find him she crosses paths with Cam Rohan, gypsy turned manager of a club called Jenners. Before she knows it Cam is helping her in the search for her brother. Along for the ride is Merripen, a dear friend who Amelia thinks of as another brother. Her concern for her brother Leo stems from his recent excessive indulgence in alcohol and gambling. She is worried for his life and is determined to save him whether he likes it or not.

Once Leo is found, brawling in front of a tavern, Cam and Amelia part ways but not before Cam kisses her senseless and leaves her with a desire for more. She returns home in a daze, thinking she will never see him again. A week passes and the orphaned Hathaway siblings move to the Hampshire country home that came with the title of Lord Ramsay that Leo inherited. The house is in a shambles and it is up to Amelia to see to the restoration and to the care of her sisters and Leo.

It turns out their neighbor in Hampshire is Marcus, Lord Westcliff. He was the hero in It Happened One Autumn. Amelia has an impromptu meeting with him and two of his house guests. Marcus and his wife Lillian welcome the Hathaways to the neighborhood with an invite to dinner. Amelia is beside herself since the Hathaways are quite poor and have very little in the way of appropriate clothes. But she manages to gather everyone, even Leo and off they go.

But where's Cam? Back in London? Just to show what a small world it is... Sebastian, Viscount St. Vincent is a friend of Lord Westcliff. He and his wife are also guests at Lord Westcliff's country estate. Sebastian was the hero of The Devil in Winter and he happens to own Jenners, the club where Cam works. See where this is going?

Amelia is a no-nonsense type of heroine. She has to be. She can't depend on Leo, the eldest and only male sibling. He has decided to wallow in self pity. Her three sisters are all younger and look to Amelia for guidance. She is very practical and sees her future as a spinster taking care of her siblings. I really like Amelia. Her attitude of never give up no matter what didn't get on my nerves like I thought it might. Her inner dialogues were amusing and showed what she wanted to say but dared not for fear of causing hurt feelings. She wasn't always as circumspect when it came to Leo. She loves him dearly but even he pushed her to her limits.

Then there's Cam. *sigh* I fell for Cam in a big way. He's not the typical dark, brooding hero that I usually go for. In fact there was very little angst in Cam. The one thing he did get upset about is money. No, not lack of, but what he called his "good-luck" curse. Being a half gypsy and raised by them he adheres to the belief of not being tied down and materialistic. He only wants what he needs and doesn't feel the need for great wealth. Unfortunately for him, he seems to have the magic touch where money is concerned. This, added to the fact that he is employed in London no less, was really the only source of angst for him. Until he met Amelia. Otherwise Cam is the calm in the middle of the storm. Always cool. Serene. Not a word I would normally use for a man but it fits him. But when he's with Amelia she has the ability to make him loose all that calm and practically explode with emotions.

And I don't want to forget the Hathaway siblings. They are such a essential part of the story. They're not here just for fill or future books, which are certainly in the making. The relationship Amelia has with her siblings is a vital part of who she is. When Cam comes into the picture he develops his own unique relationship with each sibling, slowly becoming part of the family before he realizes what is happening.

In addition to woe-is-me Leo, there is Win, Poppy and Beatrix. Win is in frail health after she nearly died the year before. She is described as being soft spoken and ethereal but her strong backbone peaks through every now and then. Poppy is similar to Amelia in her practicality but still has the air of mischief about her. And I should point out Leo does have a good reason for being so terribly depressed.

The youngest is Bea. She is such a fun character. How can you not like someone who cheats at solitaire and sees nothing wrong with it? I look forward to reading her HEA. I see her with a very proper, by the book, lord of the manor born. Someone without a breath of scandal in the family. Then Bea comes along and knocks his world upside down. Can you tell Bea made a big impression on me?

Lisa Kleypas is one of my favorite authors. I've been enjoying her books for years and look forward to each new release. Mine Till Midnight was released a year ago and I have no idea why it took me so long to read it. I finally picked it up because the next book in the series, Seduce Me at Sunrise, is out and I absolutely must read them in order. I'm so glad to finally read Amelia and Cam's story. They are among one of my favorite Kleypas couples to date.

Rating: A


  1. Nice review :) I enjoyed MTM and SMaS, but not to the same degree as everyone seems to :P Hope you enjoy SMaS :)

  2. Thanks Nath! I was surprised how much I enjoyed MTM after reading some of the reviews.

  3. LOL @ BEa - I used to cheat at solitaire when I was little and still think there's nothing wrong with it. :D

    Great review - I'm trying to get some "work" reads done so I can move on to Seduce Me at Sunrise!

  4. Thanks KMont : ) Love the Bea!

    I'm only 100 pages into SMaS. So far it's good but I'm not getting totally blown away like I thought I would.