Monday, September 28, 2009

YotC Review: Flashpoint

Title: Flashpoint
Author: Jill Shalvis
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: American Heroes: The Firefighters/Book 1
Published: July 2008
Harlequin Blaze

From the back cover ~

Zach Thomas risks his life battling flames every day. But since sexy EMT Brooke O'Brien joined the crew, he can't resist playing with fire. Brooke is feisty, a little uptight...and sexy as hell. And as Zach soon discovers, she's definitely hot stuff between the sheets. Still, every firefighter knows that the hotter the blaze, the faster the action's over....

After the whirlwind ride Zach's been taking her on, Brooke is ready to do anything for this man in and out of bed! But she knows footloose and fancy-free Zach doesn't do commitment. So she plans to build up a five-alarm fire between them. The kind he won't ever want to put out...

We gotta start with that cover ~ HOT - HOT - HOT

That's what happens when you fight fires for a living, you get hot and sweaty. Goodness, but I can't imagine fighting fires with out the proper equipment is a good idea. Major safety violation going on there. Although, he does look cute in the hat. :) And how come when I went on a field trip to the firehouse with my second grader none of the firefighters looked like that?

This is the first book in Shalvis' firefighter series that takes place at a firehouse in the fictitious coastal town of Santa Rey, California. I was surprised at how quickly I got to know not only the hero and heroine but also the other fire fighters that make up this family. Before I was even finished with Flashpoint, I was checking for more books from this series. The next book, Flashback is sitting on my TBR pile and I've added the anthology Heating Up the Holidays and the Harlequin Blaze, Stormwatch to my UBS list. Yes, I was sucked into this series and hope Shalvis continues to write more stories about these fascinating firefighters.

Firefighter Zach Thomas is very dedicated to his job, maybe just a little too much. He's been at the scene of some suspicious fires and can't shake the feeling that arson is to blame. When he talk to fire investigator Tommy Ramirez he's told to stay out of it and do his job. Zach is a hero in the truest sense. His love for his job, his fellow firefighters and the community he serves comes through in his actions and words. I liked how Shalvis had the subplot of the arson fires but it didn't overshadow the romance developing between Zach and Brooke. Zach's relationships with his coworkers showed how serious he takes his job but it also showed his playful side. The usual kidding around that goes on in a big, close family also goes on at the firehouse. I enjoyed the interactions with Zach and the crew. I always figured firefighters developed close relationships because of the nature of their job, having to depend on each other in life and death situations. The way these guys (and gals) treated each other with affection and respect gave greater dimension to Zach's character.

EMT Brooke O'Brien is only in Santa Rey for the short term. Once her six weeks are up, she gone. That's what she's use to and that's how she likes it. No ties to keep her in one place too long. She's in Santa Rey to box up her grandmother's belongings and sell the house. Then she plans to move on to another job in another city. So when things start heating up between her and Zach she doesn't plan on a potential long term relationship, he tells her he's just not that type. At first Brooke resists but then decides "why not". The fact that he's hot and sexy as hell doesn't hurt. And there's the mutual attraction. Brooke figures they're both adults and she can handle a short fling. Of course things don't go as she plans and she falls hard for Zach. But she sticks to her plan to leave, thinking that Zach doesn't want anything permanent.

Zach and Brooke made a good couple. They both understood the demands of each other's professions, having worked closely with others in their occupations. So Brooke understands Zach's concerns about the suspected arson fires. Of course from the very beginning we know their relationship won't be a short thing but watching them try to convince themselves that it will be was fun. The fact that they couldn't seem to keep their hands off each other should have been a dead giveaway. Even in the firehouse, LOL , they got caught in a compromising situation.

I've got Jill Shalvis on my reading list for her full length novels about the Wilder brothers and now will be on the look out for her Blaze categories. This was a fun read that worked well in the short format. Shalvis kept the story tight and the characters interesting. Jill Shalvis and her considerable back list can be found on her website. Shalvis also has a daily blog about life as a writer in the beautiful Sierras.

Rating: B+


  1. Oh man, they got caught in the firehouse? Too funny. Maybe lol. Oh man, how embarrassing though.

    I've only ever read one romance with a firefighter hero and it was a DNF, but the firefighter in question didn't come off as particularly hot. So apparently there are lukewarm firefighter characters out there. I know, the planet just tilted off its axis...

    This one sounds good! Glad you read a good one this month. :)

  2. LOL - they didn't go all the way in the firehouse but they did forget where they were until they were interrupted. :)

    And lukewarm firefighters should be banned. Let's ban character types - not books. ;) There's a potential post - character types reader would like to ban from books. I know I can think of a few. :)

  3. I heard a lot of good things about Ms Shalvis harlequin books. Maybe I should try them, given that I enjoy her full-length novels just so-so...

    Thanks for the review! :D

  4. Give them a try nath. You might like her short format better than the long. :)

  5. Ohhhh, I'm checking this one out! Firefighters...hmm... the stuff of fantasy, and who cares about safety when they look so good!

    Thanks for the review, Leslie. :)

  6. Hils ~ Leave it to you to point out what's really important. LOL

  7. LOL, Leslie...

    Just had to get back here to tell you that I already bought and read this one. Loved it! Yes, I did... going on to read the related book "Flashback." ;P

    Thanks for the recommendation.