Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tis the Season For Some... Shopping!

I'll bet you think I'm talking Christmas shopping. Nope. Shopping for ME! Okay, maybe I picked up some Christmas gifts along the way but I was shopping for boots for me. While I love to wear flip-flops or sandals, even in the US southwest desert it gets cold in the winter. So I was looking for boots; black, cuff boots. Didn't find any but I did stumble across these at the BX/PX no less. (That's the military equivalent of a department store for you non-military types).

Yes, Coach makes heavy duty plastic boots. If that's not enough, they even had them in clogs. Clogs? I haven't worn clogs since I was a kid. Are they popular? Probably with the younger crowd of which I'm not. Unfortunately, I can't tell you the price. I was so stunned by their um... vividness, that I forgot to check the price. And when I checked the Coach website, they weren't there. Hmmm... maybe the military got a really good deal on them. :)

Then it was a stop at Borders cause I had a coupon. Borders always gets me in there with their coupons. Both my youngest and oldest really like Pocky. It's these thin wafers coated in strawberry, chocolate and sometimes other flavors. I spotted one of the other flavors. I couldn't help but get a chuckle out of the fact that the Men's Pocky is flavored "bitter" chocolate. Is bitterness a sign of maturity? Oh, and surprisingly, didn't buy anything at Borders.

Last stop was to Sprouts Market or what we call "the bin store." They specialize in healthy, natural foods. Lots of fruits and veggies and offer everything from peanuts, trail mix, beans and rice in serve yourself bins. Their Virginia peanuts are great. Much better than prepackaged, not nearly as salty or greasy. Those and pumpkin seeds are my favorites. Anyway, they also have a decent selection of wine considering it's not that big of a store. Not nearly as big as a chain grocery store. They do have some interesting wines. This one caught my eye.

It's not a red but a White Zin for $10. I didn't get it but I'm wondering if it's sales increased due to the release of the latest Twilight movie. There are a lot of 21+ Twilight fans. I can totally see the adult fans having a little after party and Vampire Wine would certainly fit the theme.

So, I'm still looking for boots but I did find some interesting items out there. Anyone else have some fun shopping this weekend?

And there should be a law that stores can't play holiday music until after Thanksgiving. At least I didn't hear the dreaded Feliz Navidad. That song will send me out of the store.

*apologizes for the quality of the pics. All photos were taken with my cell phone*


  1. We went out to eat last night and a group of multigenerational women, all over 21 had arrived in a limo, wearing good-quality homemade black ts with cute Twilight sayings on them. I imagine they were going to see the movie together after dinner. It was pretty . . . I can't think of a word here.

  2. Laura ~ maybe they were reliving their youth? It's really a phenomenon.

    I wonder how many boys see the movie. My guess is the audience is 99% female. There's probably one lone dad taking his daughter. LOL

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  4. Leslie, those boots! Those clogs! I had to dig out my sunglasses, LOL!

    The movie... yes, a phenomenon. That wine would be perfect for one of those celebrations. At least it would "look" perfect. Wonder how it tastes... *smirk*

    (Sorry, had to delete my previous comment :( )

  5. ya know Hils, the clogs are starting to grow on me. LOL

    And the wine I've decided to buy if it's still there the next time I go. That's my logic. :)