Thursday, June 10, 2010

Review: One for the Team

One for the Team
Jet Mykles
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Loose Id/July 2008

From the author's website ~

Alex dumped her and Jen's not sure why. Okay, he'd been her first, but she thought she'd done rather well, sexually speaking. Why did he all of a sudden tell her that it wasn't working out? What was wrong with her?

Ken, Bart, Davey and Jason--her best friends--all try to convince her there's nothing wrong with her. In fact they seek to prove it to her... by first-hand example. That's all well and good until Jen starts freaking out. She's sleeping with her best friends. All of them. What's up with that?

[Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Sex with multiple partners.]

Well, I kinda of knew that if I ever got an e-reader I would be downloading some erotica that is either only in e-book format or that I don't feel comfortable having in hard copy. Little eyes might get awfully big if they saw some of those covers or read some of the titles. So off I went, checking my wish lists on Loose Id and Samhain's websites. One for the Team was on my Loose Id wish list and at Barnes and Noble as an e-book - perfect!

Jen is the ideal female friend for a guy or guys in this case. She's a tomboy that loves playing with the boys. She's also suffering from a serious case of questioning her sex appeal when her boyfriend breaks up with her. Her four closest friends happen to be guys. They come up with the plan to show her how much she is wanted. In a way, you could say they court her, quickly but they don't just show up at her home and say "hey, let have sex so I can show you that you're hot". They each use their own approach at letting Jen know they find her very attractive. Isn't that what friends are for?

After Jen sleeps with her friend Bart she gets nervous about the other guys finding out. Bart's the first of the four to make his move and Jen is determined it's a one time thing and that the other friends will not find out. Bart spends the day with Jen shopping. He's what you could call the gentle giant of the group. It's obvious he finds Jen attractive and by the end of the night she's aware of it too.

As the remaining friends spend one on one time with Jen and prove to her that she's sexy and attractive Jen continues to feel guilt for sleeping with each of her best friends and keeping it a secret from the other guys. She also realizes that she's having a heck of a good time! What a great group of friends she has! ;)

The thing about Jen is that she never saw her guy friends as hot, sexy guys. She saw them as her best friends, not as potential lovers. The experiences she had with her male friends are refreshing in that Jen's seeing these guys in a whole new light. I liked the way the relationships were portrayed with each of them evolving from friends to lovers if only for one night. They always maintain the friendship, that never goes away. All five of the characters came across as real and genuine with their own feelings and ideas.

The ending was very hot indeed. Please head the warning above if you only like one on one action. I thought Mykles did a good job making each character unique and the premise while also a stretch of reality was made believable because of the writing. One for the Team was a surprisingly quick read but a full, well written story.

Rating: A-


  1. Sounds very sexy! I'm glad the story held a lot of substance, too. That's a challenging thing to do in this genre, I think.

  2. "Little eyes might get awfully big if they saw some of those covers or read some of the titles."

    LOL - exactly one of the reasons I bought my Kindle. There are just some books that you don't want people to see you reading on the train. Ha! And this looks like one of them.

    Sounds like a good, dirty read. Will have to check out - great review ;)

  3. What a great group of friends she has! ;)
    Oh, I just bet! LOL!

    I'm so glad you're getting to buy some books you couldn't get to otherwise, Leslie. I loaded up on some of them myself after getting my Kindle. ;P

    I've read some of Jet Mykles M/M and I have a few of her PNR erotica on my TBR, but this one looks INteresting. *g*

  4. Christine ~ The character development was a pleasant surprise in the short(85 pages)format.

    Danielle ~ LOL There have been times when I'm reading in public that I just grin and wonder what people would think if they only knew what I was reading. :D

  5. Hils ~ great friends are there for you when you need them. :)

    I've heard of Mykles "Heaven" series but haven't bought any yet. I've got Josh Lanyon up first for my m/m reading. :)