Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Review: Beauty's Beasts

Beauty's Beasts
Teal Ceagh
Erotic Paranormal Romance (M/M/F)
Guardian Bonds/Book 2
Ellora's Cave/June 2010

Author Requested Review

From the author's website ~

Riley Carson Connors is yanked out of Pittsburgh and coaxed to New York by two tall, sexy strangers. Nicholas Sherwood and Damian are the only people in the world who know anything about her parents, and what they know is terrifying. She must face a powerful enemy who killed both her parents, who were the best at what they did.

But while the truth about Riley’s family history is a powerful magnet, Damian and Nicholas prove to be even more compelling. Former lovers and brought together only because they gave their word to her mother, the two powerful vampires play erotic mind games with Riley, each with a hidden sexual agenda that Riley can’t begin to guess, but seems to involve driving her out of her mind with the sort of pleasure only a centuries-old lover would know how to give.

When Teal Ceagh aka Tracy Cooper-Posey, asked me if I would be interested in reviewing her latest release, Beauty's Beasts, I wasn't sure, not having read anything by the author. Then I read the excerpt she sent and that's when I knew I had to read about Riley and her two vampires. I was intrigued by all three characters and although I've been a bit "off" vampires, I found myself wondering what their story was. What I found was a highly erotic, well written, unconventional love story.

Riley Carson Connors is unaware of her family background or her heritage. She grew up in the foster care system and has learned to rely on herself. When she is approached by two very sexy, very dangerous men she's not about to go with them. Until they tell her they knew her parents. It's the one thing she desperately wants to know. She agrees to go to New York City with them even while wondering what she's gotten herself into. Riley is a heroine that you can't help but feel compassion for. Growing up with no real family, Riley has been on her own for most of her life. She's very no-nonsense and tells you what she thinks even to a powerful vampire that could snap her neck in a heartbeat. I liked Riley for standing up for herself. She went through some life altering experiences but stayed true to her beliefs.

Damian and Nicholas Sherwood, while both distinct individuals, you really can't have one without the other. These two just fit together even if they didn't believe it anymore. They are centuries old vampires (read: stubborn) that have a promise to fulfill. Both are sexy and dangerous but in different ways. Damian is very smooth with a type of European flare and the more approachable of the the two. Nick is the dark and brooding type. He's got a chip on his shoulder and dares anyone to try and knock it off. Damian and Nick were lovers years ago and you can feel that sexual tension between the two. I found myself liking both men, Damian because he's so damn sexy and charismatic. Nick because his closed off, brusque manner made me want to know him better - want to know what the heck made this guy tick.

The men tell Riley that she must train before she can fight the gargoyle Lirgon. The gargoyle clan gave an intriguing slant to the plot. These gargoyles come to life at night, attacking people. It was creepy when Riley was viewing the gargoyles during the day, looking at them and knowing that at sundown they would come alive. Reminds me of a wax museum - I always thought the figures came to life at night.

The training session were intense, sweaty and hot - in a very good way. There was already sexual tension between the men, adding Riley just ramped it up. I loved how the three of them interacted. Damian befriending Riley and making her feel comfortable in the bizarre situation she's been thrown into. Nick on the other hand, tried to keep his distance and maintain a teacher/student relationship. Nick's sense of honor kept him from acting on his need and desire for Riley. Both men have goals in mind for Riley but they go about reaching them in different ways.

The book is fairly short, coming in at 163 pages. The pacing was quick and surprised me how much story the author was able to pack into that length. The love story of Riley, Damian and Nicholas took a different turn that what I had expected but I did like how it all played out. I would have liked more back story on Damian and Nicholas and their history together. Riley's parents story can be found in Book 1 of the series but you don't need to read it before reading Beauty's Beasts. There is a short scene at the end that left me wanting to know what happens with Riley best friend and roommate, Sabrina. That will have to wait until book 3, Sabrina's Clan comes out.

Rating: B+


  1. Hmm... M/M/F, I must check it out, Leslie! Thanks for the review. I haven't read anything by this author yet.

  2. Hils ~ It was different than what I expected but in a good way. :)