Thursday, July 1, 2010

June Reads...

June is gone but where the heck did it go? Last month's reading got off to a slow start for me. The family vacation to Disneyland and California Adventure cut into my reading time. I did some reading on the drive there and back but while we were there most of my down time was spent sleeping on the non-sleep number bed or complaining about my aching feet. :) (Yes, I missed my sleep number bed. *sob* Loves that bed!)

No DNFs this month that I remember. I did have one in May. (missed posting the May reads) It was an erotic romance. The heroes were aliens and their hair came alive, among other things. And since it's erotic, the hair got really friendly with the heroine. ICK! I had other problems with the book like the old alien forced seduction. Luckily, I don't have too many DNFs and I think it's due to the fact that the majority of books I read are either from favorite authors or because of good reviews from you guys. :)

The final count is 11 books read. Not bad but I hope to read more of my personal and library TBR piles this month. Yep, I even have a library TBR pile. The city library allows 99 renewals so as long as no one requests the book, I keep renewing, having faith that I'll get to it. :)

I'll also get my challenges read for this month. *shakes fist in air* I totally flaked on every single one last month so I plan to start early, like this weekend. :D

Countdown/Michelle Maddox/Futuristic/B+
The Making of a Duchess/Shana Galen/Historical/B-
I'm Watching You/Karen Rose/Romantic Suspense/B+
Tied Up, Tied Down/Lorelei James/Erotic Romance/Review to follow
Kiss Me If You Can/Carly Phillips/Contemporary/B+
Beyond the Night/Joss Ware/PNR/B
The Iron Daughter/Julie Kagawa/YA/Review to follow
Beauty's Beasts/Teal Ceagh/Erotic Romance/B+
Embrace the Night Eternal/Joss Ware/PNR/B
Chimera/Rob Thurman/SCIFI/Review to follow
Criminal Instinct/Kelly Lynn Parra/Romantic Suspense/Review to follow

The breakdown ~

Contemporary ~ 1
Erotic ~ 2
Futuristic ~ 1
Historical ~ 1
PNR ~ 2
Romantic Suspense ~ 2
YA ~ 1

The reading was definitely mixed - a little here, a little there. I suppose the Futuristic, PNR and SCIFI could all be lumped together but there's really no stand out genre. I think it all has to do with mood. I'm a very moody reader. ;)


  1. Don't forget you read Lorelie James', COWGIRL UP AND RIDE, also!

    I bought the e-book Tues night and started reading. Big, BIG, mistake. I ended up reading til 3am! I just had to finish it. I was crazy and went to work feeling like a zombie but it was SO good.

    I am always wary of erotic roms, I don't read many because I fear the emotional quotient might not be there but LJ's writing did not lack depth. I can see why the Rough Riders series is so popular.

    Thanks for the review, I wouldn't have paid these cowboys any mind otherwise. I'm going to go back and start with Book 1 now.

    Have a happy 4th!

  2. Scorpio ~ I can't tell you how happy I am that you loved the book. I love it when I can give positive reviews and get others hooked on great books. :)

  3. I want to give that new Joss Ware series a try. Great month! You beat my by one book, lol!

  4. Jill ~ Definitely try the Ware. Love the world & interesting characters.

  5. You do read quite a variety. I have wanted to try something by Karen Rose but I'm afraid they may be too gruesome for me. Great job reading!

  6. Renee ~ the Karen Rose can get a bit gory. I read those parts quickly so I don't dwell on them. :)

  7. June was a blur for me, too, Leslie.

    I can't believe the city library allows 99 renewals as long as there's no one waiting for the book!!! My library allows only two renewals TOTAL... 0 if someone has a request in.

    Congrats on getting all your challenges done for June. I finished my June In Death book just this morning. oops.

    Nice variety of genres! :)

  8. Christine ~ Isn’t 99 crazy? I think it’s some type of programming error. They need place holder until some higher up decided on the number but no one ever changed it. LOL

    No, I didn’t get the challenges done – not a one. :( But, I’ve already got my books picked for this month and will get them all done. :)

  9. Very good numbers considering you went on a vacation!! :D and you did good review-wise as well :D

    LOL, what do you have in the library TBR pile? How long is each renewal... cos with 99, it's almost as if you own it! LOL.

  10. Nath ~ I’m trying for 50% reviewed so that’s going well. Oh, the library tbr pile is everything from Karen Rose, Jodi Thomas, Elizabeth Vaughan, Jeri Smith-Ready and some YA. Unless it’s considered a new release, each renewal is 3 weeks so theoretically I could have the book for over 5 years. LOL