Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cars, Purses and Vampire Love?

It's a lazy Saturday here. It's hot as, well, the desert in the summer. :) I've been searching for cars online (dh needs a new-used car) and they all started to look the same, probably because I was looking at the same type of cars. Anyway, I'm still searching but it will probably be either another Corolla or a Honda Civic. He drives about 85-90 miles a day to work and back so he needs a car with good gas mileage. His only requests are A/C and cruise control. He's easy to please. :)

I decided to take a break from looking at cars and started looking at purses and wallets. Found this purse and this one. And this wallet. I have two Fossil purses and wallet that I love! I started using backpack style purses when the boys were babies. A lot easier to keep out of the way when you're trying to shop with two little ones, a double stroller, toys and diaper bag in tow. Now that they're older, I've been looking at other styles. One thing that is a must is an outside pocket for my keys. I hate digging around for my keys.

Then got bored with that and went looking at e-books. I started at B&N and sorted by lowest price. I did find Susan Grant's Star trilogy(Star King, Star Prince, Star Princess) for $1.71 each which is a great price, except that I have those on the tbr pile. Then I hit the jackpot!

Some say the vampire craze is dying off. I say No Way! Not when there are still amazing vampire stories like The Cat The Canary and The Vampire to tell. And the cover - it speaks to me in ways you can not imagine.

From L&L Dreamspell Website ~

Sex, Murder, and a Crazy Cat Show.... Synchronicity--a Dangerous Love Connection....

Sexy celebrity author Andrew Augustine's book promotional tour was almost over. His last stop--Houston, Texas--the Gladstone Hotel's Mind and Body Conference. No ordinary man--Andrew was an immortal vampire--constantly on the prowl, always seeking a replacement for his long lost soul mate Samantha.

Devastated from yet another break-up, Valerie Stevenson thought she'd never find her 'Mr. Right.' Hopping into her blue sports car with her award winning Selkirk Rex cat, she headed for the Fall Frolic cat show at Houston's Gladstone Hotel. No idea she was driving into her future--with danger around every curve.

In the middle of everything, Chester the cat took center stage--at the cat show, a jewel heist--even in Valerie's secret relationship with a tall dark handsome mystery man. Playing around with a vampire was like playing with fire. Would Valerie's reckless desire lead to her own destruction?

I actually like the blurb - it sounds like it could be a decent read but that cover - OMG! It looks like a DIY cover with Jim Carey sportin' fake fangs. But... if you do like the cover - guess what? There's merchandise! T-shirts, hats, mugs, bags, even a bib. And a thong. Yep, tempting, I know. :)

I did buy an e-book, no, not the one above. I got Jade Tiger by Jenn Reese. It sounds good - different, which I like.

So, how's your weekend going? Any good reads lately?


  1. OMG Leslie that cover! And... thongs? LOL!

    I've been having a great weekend, hot and humid here on the East Coast, but normal hot weather for us. Good reads? Actually yes! A Strong and Sudden Thaw by R.W. Day -- GLTB YA Sci-Fi/Fantasy story. Quite good! Reading The Search by Nora Roberts ATM and enjoying it too. :)

  2. I like that second purse!

    That cover is yuck. LOL

    And it's raining where I live. Quick thunderstorms that dump a lot of water then move on in time for another storm to dump even more water on us. :(

  3. Hils ~ could make for some fun gifts. ;)

    I've got The Search too but boy is it big! Might wait and get it as audio book.

    Ames ~ Me too! I'm so tempted to get it.

    It's monsoon season here but no rain yet. Soon I hope.

  4. Oh wow. That is hmmm a really bad cover! LOL.

    I second Ames, I like the 2nd purse as well :D Although you know what? the back-pack purse is great for book shopping as well. Your purse doesn't get in the way when you're sideway looking at titles and spines :P

  5. Nath ~ Ha - leave it to you to think of the potential for book shopping. :)

  6. Hi Leslie!
    I'm catching up on blog hopping. Vacation does a job on those feeds. ;)

    Did you guys decide on a car? We're now in the market for one, too. We bought the minivan I use now 11 years ago and it was three years old when we got it... now everything is starting to go wrong and it's all very expensive to fix. I kind of want a Toyota Rav4, but I'm having a hard time resisting the mileage on the Toyota Prius...