Monday, July 5, 2010

Belated Happy July 4th...

Yesterday, here in the states, was Independence Day. The day that we celebrate our break from the British. It's celebrated with parades and cookouts and fireworks. Here's how we celebrated.

With some of this ~

And some of this ~

And this ~

And of Course This ~

And Definitely Some of This ~

But Very Little of This ~

The long weekend is almost over and I've read very little but still had fun. As a bonus - the house is really clean! LOL Whenever my mom comes over I always clean stuff I normally don't clean. She's not at all picky so not sure why I do it, I just do. :)

And the third picture with my middle kid Ryan and the food - notice the green bags in the wine rack? Those are empty bags of Sun Chips - Christine's influence. LOL Youngest and I love those chips and have been saving the bags to bury once we deem we have enough of them. :D

Those of you that celebrated yesterday - I hope you had fun and stayed safe. And to those that have to work today - Thanks! Especially my local Target employees cause I'll be stopping by later. :)


  1. Oh Leslie, those are beautiful pictures. You have some gorgeous boys! It looks like you had a great 4th of July weekend.

    I had a great time with my bros and my parents. My younger brother came up from Orlando and we've been hanging out, eating and gabbing non-stop. Not much reading in this house either, lol! We enjoyed the Macy's fireworks display yesterday, and they were just gorgeous! It's HOT in Jersey ATM... perfect 4th of July weather. :D

  2. Happy 4th of July Leslie!! Looks like you had a great time :D

    LOL, it'll be interesting to see the Sunchips experiment :P

  3. Hils ~ thanks! That's great that your brother is there to visit. It sounds like you're having a fun time with him. I heard about the heat wave hitting the east. Try to stay cool. :)

    Nath ~ It was fun and my mom loves being with the kids.