Thursday, August 19, 2010

TBR Challenge Review: Some Kind of Magic

Some Kind of Magic
Theresa Weir
(Anne Frasier)
Contemporary Romance

HarperCollins/ November 1998


From the back cover ~


Not much is duller than winter in sleepy Fallon, Idaho. So on her thirtieth birthday, Claire Maxfield wishes for the one thing - well, one of the things - missing from her life: some excitement. Besides that voodoo doll from her best friend, she has no idea what she's about to get.


That very night a mysterious injured man named Dylan carjacks Claire at gunpoint, ordering her to hide him. But once inside her secluded cabin, something strange occurs. Claire's powerfully attractive captor somehow becomes the captive - and Claire winds up taking care of him!


Just how did it happen, she wonders. Maybe that voodoo doll, now sporting one of Dylan's hairs, had something to do with it. Or maybe it was a different kind of magic, a spell that is mystifying, unbreakable, and absolutely irresistible.

*Apologies for posting a day late.*

I love log cabins. I've always wanted to live in one. My sister has a log cabin in the mountains of North Carolina. I've only seen pictures, but would love to go someday. Given that, I'm a sucker for the romance trope of the hero & heroine stranded in a log cabin, while a blizzard rages outside. When this month's suggested reading was to try a new author, Theresa Weir's story taking place in Idaho in a secluded cabin fit perfectly.

Claire Maxfield isn't asking for much when she makes her birthday wish, just a little excitement in her life. She's an artist who's trying to sell her work but isn't feeling a lot of confidence. Add to that, her boyfriend took off for an artist retreat three months ago and hasn't been back since. Instead, he hooked up with a sugar mama and now Claire is waiting in vain for his return. Claire's due for something good to happen but getting kidnapped isn't exactly what she had in mind.

Right off Weir had me laughing. The conversation between Claire and Dylan, when he kidnaps her had me thinking "this is not how you talk to a kidnapper". Claire is scared, nervous and getting angrier by the minute. Her kidnapped is rude, telling her she smells of mothballs. Because of that and how she's bundled up, he thinks she's an old lady. Once they get to Claire's house, Claire has no luck convincing Dylan to take what he needs and leave. Instead she finds herself tied up with a kidnapper sleeping in her bed.

Dylan hates the cold. He's desperate to get warm and picks Claire to help him. Dylan is a hero not looking to be a hero. He's in a situation that leads him to hold a woman at gun point, fight with her and leave her tied up on the floor. He's really not a bad guy, he's just had a little bad luck. I liked Dylan and his bluntness - it's funny. He thinks Claire is a bit crazy and maybe she is, who wouldn't be in her situation?

I thought Claire and Dylan made a cute couple. They had me chuckling with their banter. It had a bit of that Hepburn/Tracy feel to it. With Claire surprising Dylan with her sometimes silly logic and Dylan sometimes falling for it. LOL They did have quite a few things to overcome before getting their HEA. And along the way there is some mad sexing going on. They definitely had the chemistry!

There is also the mystery surrounding the plane crash and who Dylan really is. I thought the plot of Dylan's identity was interesting, if a little bit weak. The way Dylan dealt with his problems, by running away, left me a little disappointed in him. He does redeem himself and figure out what's really important to him. Claire, well she gets a little obsessed with the voodoo doll. There are times when she actually thinks the only reason Dylan is with her is because of the "power of the voodoo", cue spooky music. I could have done without the creepy little doll.

This was a good choice from the TBR pile. I like Weir's writing - she delivers a funny, sexy and sweet read. Perfect log cabin getaway. :)

Rating: B+


  1. LOL Leslie, this sounds like a fun, light read and perfect for a hot summer day -- cool me off. And a Voodoo doll? *g*

  2. Hils ~ It was fun - except for the voodoo doll. ;)

  3. LOL, I'm going to look out for this one. It does sound good and fun :) and LOL, yes, way to add some excitement in your life :)

  4. Nath ~ Be careful what you wish for right? LOL