Sunday, December 12, 2010

Checking In...

The end of the week seems to be the busiest time for me lately. This week was a little different because my body decided to play host to a nasty cold. I'm feeling better, this time of year there really isn't any choice. There's just so much to do that I don't have time to be sick. I did take it easy Thursday & Friday, only getting about half of what I wanted to get done. Saturday I was so sleepy, it was crazy! I think sometimes our bodies force us to take a break. I took two naps on Saturday and I'm not a napper. Today I'm slowly getting better, my voice is the most noticeable change. It's gone all Kathleen Turner. I could get a job with one of those 1-900 numbers. ;)

I did find some time to try a new recipe from Louisa Edwards. It's her grandmother's Fresh Apple Cake that she posted at Romancing-The-Book (go there for the recipe). It's easy and delicious! Seriously, the hardest part was chopping the apples. Very quick and easy recipe - I used Granny Smith apples and skipped the nuts. The house smelled heavenly! It has a crispy texture on the outside and moist on the inside. The apple and cinnamon flavor together along with the texture of the chopped apples made this a real treat!

Mr. & Mrs. Frosty with the delicious Apple Cake

We also got the decorations and tree up. I decided to skip the lights outside this year. I'm just not up to doing it and my husband is working a ton of overtime with little spare time. The boys helped with the decorating and are getting into the spirit. My sister was visiting this past week and last night was her final night here. We all went over to my mom's for dinner and cards. And even though it's sunny and in the 70's here, the winter storm in the Midwest affected even us. My sister's flight back to Atlanta was canceled because the plane was stuck in Minneapolis so she ended up going on a red-eyed. All that snow brings back memories of when I was a kid in the burbs of Chicago, praying for a snow day. LOL We had plenty of them!

I did get some reading done, even remember to read my book for the TBR challenge coming up this Wednesday. And the shopping is coming along okay. Still need a few things for out-of state people that I will get tomorrow and mail tomorrow night when the Post Office is closed and I can used the self-serve machine (no lines). I tried doing most of the shopping online but ended up doing about half and half with Amazon being my go to store for online shopping, no surprise there.

How was everyone's weekend? Read anything you couldn't put down? Did anyone see the new Johnny Depp movie The Tourist? I want to see it (wish AJ wasn't in it) but I'll wait a few weeks, maybe after Christmas. And the kids want to see Jack Black's Gulliver's Travels. I guess we'll see it while they're on winter break. Hard to believe the year is almost over.


  1. Hope you're feeling yourself soon. There's nothing worse than being sick during the holidays. Sending lots of feel good wishes your way!

    Wow - that cake looks good! Might have to try that one.

    We took down all the Hanukkah decorations this weekend and put up the Christmas ones. We'll probably get our tree this week.

    I read 3 In Death books this weekend. The last one was Origin in Death, so only have about 16 (?) left. Haha!

  2. Lori ~ Thanks! I hate being sick when there's so much to do.

    If you like apples, give the cake a try.

    Wow - you do both holidays, does that mean the kids get gifts for both Hanukkah and Christmas?

    Hey, you're catching up! 3 every weekend & you'll be caught up in no time. :)

  3. I know, it seems the second half of the year just went by without us seeing it!!

    Hope you feel better, Leslie! At least, you were able to take it easy a few days :)

    Ohhh, that is so cool that you tried out a recipe from a book! I've never done that!! :) Maybe one day LOL.

    Hmm, I did some re-read this week-end. Still don't know what to read ^_^;

  4. Nath ~ I'm getting there - hot tea is my friend. :)

    I've got about 5 books going, so I need to finish those and get some reviews written. I was hoping to read a few holiday themed books but not sure I'll get to them before end of year.

  5. That apple cake looks delicious! ^_^