Thursday, September 29, 2011

ARC Review: Animal Attraction

Animal Attraction
Jill Shalvis
Contemporary Romance
Animal Magnetism/Book 2
Berkley/October 4, 2011

From Goodreads ~

Jade Bennett couldn't be happier to escape her past for the quiet ranching town of Sunshine, Idaho. Plus, there's nothing like working for veterinarian Dell Connelly. And though Dell has no intention of settling down, Jade's strength and sass are enticements no red-blooded male can resist.

Yes! We're back in Sunshine, Idaho where three very sexy brothers live. After reading Brady and Lilah story (Animal Magnetism), I was left wanting to know more about Brady's foster brothers Dell and Adam. It seems obvious that there is an attraction between Dell and Jade but something is keeping them apart.

Jade Bennett doesn't look the part of a receptionist at an animal clinic. She is far too sophisticated in her pleated pants, high heels and sweaters. But she doesn't mind getting cat hair on her designer clothes as long as she can wield her spreadsheets and keep the office under controlled chaos. I really loved how she is portrayed. She's not easy for other characters to get to know, sharing only bits and pieces of her life but never really letting anyone get too close. Her stay in Sunshine was always suppose to be temporary even though we see how she is, in spite of herself, making a life there. I liked how we see her slowly start to open up with Dell, making him want to get to know her even though he knows she's leaving.

Dell Connelly is such a wonderful, wounded hero. He loves animals and loves his job as a veterinarian. He also lusts after women but only on a short term basis. Dell is a hero controlled by his past. He grew up with very little stability and went through very tough times before finding an adult he could depend on. He only lets a select few get close and doesn't do long term relationships when it comes to women. I love when the hero insists he doesn't want to get serious with any woman but you can see him doing exactly that. Then he keeps telling himself and anyone who will listen that he doesn't do serious relationships. Dell is that guy! It was wonderful to see him fall head over heels in love with Jade.

The romance is this dance of two steps forward and one step back, leaving Jade and Dell wanting what they think they can't have. Jade has made promises to leave Sunshine and go back home and Dell doesn't want to be the one to stand in her way. I understood Dell's reasoning but man I wanted him to just tell her what he felt in the worst way! I thought how Jade's fears concerning the event that drove her to Sunshine were handled well. I found her reactions to situations believable based on her past trauma. I also loved how Dell didn't push Jade but let her know that he was there for her. Their sparing sessions were fun and sexy with Dell teaching Jade how to defend herself and kick some ass. They have their friendship as a basis to build on which made their romance that much stronger and convincing.

The setting of the clinic and Sunshine itself, make for a wonderful backdrop to Jade and Dell's romance. The animal characters add their own unique humor and charm to the story. The bonus of seeing Brady, Lilah and Adam again only adds to the overall feel of friendship and family. It never got too sugary sweet. That wouldn't happen with these guys, especially the way Dell and Adam tease and torment each other. They're such guys when it comes to showing affection but it comes through very strongly how much they close these brothers are.

Shalvis has a way of writing that is not only entertaining but makes you believe in these characters and want them to find happiness. Adam's book is next and I can't wait! This is a witty, sexy, romantic series filled with passionate alpha males and the women who show them loving someone is worth the risks.

Rating: A

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Animal Magnetism
Animal Attraction (October 4, 2011)


  1. Oh this is coming out already? I have the first book in my TBR! Skimmed the review, and love the A!

    Thanks Leslie!

  2. Yeah, I wasn't going to get this... but Dell and Jade sounds like characters I'd really like!! Thanks for the review Les!

  3. Hils ~ Dig the first book out and read it! LOL You know I love Shalvis' writing so I am a wee bit biased. :)

    Nath ~ Well, you got. I just hope you like it. *saying a little prayer*

  4. You know, I haven't been paying too much attention to this series--with no good reason, really. But Hilcia passed Simply Irresistible to me and I adored it! So now I'm paying more attention to Ms. Shalvis... and considering this series, now, too. It sounds really good!

  5. Christine ~ I love Ms. Shalvis' writing and this is another wonderful series from her. Her Lucky Harbor series is wonderful too!