Sunday, September 18, 2011

August Reads ...

I don't know where August went. It was here, then gone in a blink. Hot. Busy. Hot. Busy. That seemed to be the theme for August. Good time to stay inside and read.

Those are solar flares in the picture above. I think I can say I know how it feels. Surface of the sun - Phoenix, Arizona. Not much difference in August.


1. Attachments: A Novel/Rainbow Rowell/Contemporary/A-
2. Shift/Jeri Smith-Ready/YA/A-
3. Chasing Perfect/Susan Mallery/Contemporary/C
4. Almost Perfect/Susan Mallery/Comtemporary/C+
5. Delicious/Susan Mallery/Comtemporary/C+
6. Retribution/Sherrilyn Kenyon/PNR/C

As you can see, I went on a Susan Mallery binge which I've continued into September. I like certain parts of her stories but so far none have blown me away. The Kenyon was simply okay. I kept having a sense of deja vue. It felt like it was the same basic plot as the last few, only with the names changed.

Print/Electronic Books

1. Summer at Seaside Cover/Jacquie D'Alessandro/Contemporary/A
2. Kiss of Snow/Nalini Singh/PNR/A
3. Tempted/Elisabeth Naughton/PNR/A
4. Deeper than Midnight/Lara Adrian/PNR/B+
5. Good Girls Don't/Victoria Dahl/Contemporary/B+
6. Making Waves/Tawna Fenske/Contemporary/B+
7. Summer's Crossing/Julie Kagawa/YA Fantasy/B+
8. No Proper Lady/Isabel Cooper/Time Travel/B
9. Hexed/Kevin Hearne/UF/B-
10. Deadline/Mira Grant/Dystopian/C
11. Midnight Man/Lisa Marie Rice/RS/C

The Numbers

Contemporary ~ 3
Dystopian ~ 1
PNR ~3
Romantic Suspense ~ 1
Time Travel ~ 1
Urban Fantasy ~ 1
YA ~ 1


Print ~ 9
E-Book ~ 1

Well, I'm not sure how it happened, but I managed to review all the print/e-books I read in August. The fact that it's already mid September might have something to do with it. LOL That's okay, I'll take it. :) I've been trying to write the reviews within a day or so of finishing the book but that doesn't always happened. When it does, it seems like the writing comes quicker. Always a plus!

How's September looking for everyone? Good I hope!


  1. Awesome picture about the sun :)

    Oh, too bad you didn't like Almost Perfect better. Are you going to review it?

    I hear you on the Sherrilyn Kenyon. It's been a while it's like that, hence the reason I'm not reading it anymore. Pity.

    You've read some really good books! I'm surprised that there's so much more print than ebook. I bet it's because of Borders closing LOL. Or maybe not.

    I'm really jealous cos it feels like you've got really good months lately :)

    And LOL, you're just good at being up-to-date... because being mid-September means nothing... as you will see from my post, since I'll probably have 2 books reviewed! ^_^;

  2. Nath ~ Not planning on reviewing Almost Perfect. If I did it would probably turn into a rant about Ethan. Could not stand him! Liked Liz & thought she deserved much better than him and the way many of the locals treated her. I think the triplets were the only ones nice to Liz. I wanted to do bodily harm to Ethan numerous times. So, there ya go, a little mini rant/review. LOL

    Actually I messed up the numbers. Good Girls Don't was also an e-book along with the Kagawa. But still, a lot more print than e.

    I have been having some good months. A good balance of grades lately. Here's hoping it continues. :)

  3. What a month!

    I wish I could still get into Kenyon's books. I like the worlds and characters she creates, but her writing just doesn't grab me anymore. I tend to start to skim pages. :/

  4. WOW, awesome month Leslie. You read AND reviewed most of your reads. That's something.

    AND, your read some excellent books!

    I agree that writing reviews within a day or a couple of days after reading the book helps! I used to do that and did a better job of keeping up. I must get back to my old habits. :)

  5. I hear you on Ethan, Leslie. Yeah, he was something... but for me, Liz totally made the book. I really liked her and she made me forget Ethan.