Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Review: Snapped

Laura Griffin
Romantic Suspense
Tracers/Book 4
Pocket/September 1, 2011

From Goodreads ~

On a sweltering summer afternoon, Sophie Barrett walks into a nightmare. A sniper has opened fire on a college campus. When the carnage is over, three people—plus the shooter—are dead and dozens more are injured. Sophie escapes virtually unscathed. Yet as details emerge from the investigation, she becomes convinced that this wasn’t the random, senseless act it appeared to be. No one wants to believe her—not the cops, not her colleagues at the Delphi Center crime lab, and definitely not Jonah Macon, the homicide detective who’s already saved her life once.

Jonah has all kinds of reasons for hoping Sophie is mistaken. Involving himself with a key witness could derail an already messy investigation, not to mention jeopardize his career. But Sophie is as determined and fearless as she is sexy. If he can’t resist her, he can at least swear to protect her. Because if Sophie is right, she’s made herself the target of a killer without a conscience. And the real terror is only just beginning. . .

I knew after reading Unforgivable (Book 3) that I would love Sophia and Jonah's story. And hey, I was so right! I did not want to put this one down. It was such a thrill ride with Sophie and Jonah right along with me.

Sophie may not have a bunch of degrees like many of her colleagues, but as the receptionist and the face of the acclaimed Delphi Center she is smart and resourceful. Sophie is a heroine I knew I would connect with. She's written with flaws and strengths that we can all relate to. She comes from a family of doctors and feels like her intelligence is in questions because she didn't graduate from an Ivy League school. But she is very intelligent and has street smarts that help her out of more than one tough situation. She's not perfect but she is funny with a nice slice of attitude to go with that humor.

Jonah Macon is a big guy - 6'4 with plenty of muscles to go with the height. But I never felt like he was this lumbering neanderthal who used his size rather than his brain. He's smart but like so many men, doesn't understand woman well. One woman in particular confuses him - Sophie Barrett. Jonah has know Sophie for months, ever since she was kidnapped and Jonah was the Detective to find her. There's some sexual tension between them but Jonah is giving Sophie her space, which is very cool. But now she's throwing him some mixed signals and confusing him even more. His confusion made him even more attractive.

Sophie and Jonah together really clicked for me. I could see how they could become a couple beyond the physical attraction. There's plenty of chemistry going on but it goes past that and into a more intellectual connection. There is respect and mutual admiration for their abilities regarding their professions. The sexual tension only adds to the overall attraction they have for each other. Definitely a couple you can cheer for.

The gunman, his motivations and the theories surrounding him are well written with Griffin building the crime investigation in and around the romance. The suspense is kept tight, with a good balance of police procedure and action. The investigation didn't simply pause to add in some romance but worked right along side Sophie and Jonah's developing love story.

The Tracer series continues to entertain with appealing characters and absorbing story lines. Spring can't get her fast enough, bringing with it Ms. Griffin's next release.

Rating: A

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  1. I really liked this one too! Snapped was actually my first Laura Griffin book, but I then went back and read the others in the series. Great romantic suspense! :)

  2. Ohhh, another great book by Laura Griffin! At this point I might have to have to leave her books for next year. I really want to get to them too. Maybe I'll make RS a goal for 2012.

  3. Mandi ~ Lucky you! I recently started reading Griffin too! Snapped is my favorite so far.

    Hils ~ I understand not having time this year - can you believe it's already October!? Next year for sure. :)

  4. LOL, I did not read your review yet, but I saw the grade and I bought the book. So I'm keeping it this way :) I'm sure it's a great review though LOL.

  5. It's been awhile since I've read romantic suspense. In fact, it's a genre I sadly neglect. I'm glad to see Mandi read this one first. Maybe I'll do that too and see if I like it before reading the earlier books.

  6. Nath ~ Well, of course it's a great review. LOL You're so good for my ego. :)

    Christine ~ Snapped stands alone quite well. It hooked Mandi, I'll bet it will hook you too. :)