Thursday, October 20, 2011

TBR Challenge Review: Frostfire

Lynn Viehl
Paranormal Romance
Kyndred/Book 3
Signet/January 4, 2011

From the back cover ~

As one of the genetically enhanced Kyndred, Lilah can read and control the minds of animals. Rescuing a group of kids form a wayward bear brings her to the attention of GenHance, the shadowy biotech company willing to murder to acquire superhuman DNA. After being drugged and abducted, Lilah wakes up handcuffed to a half-dead man in a refrigerated truck.

Walker, a soldier critically wounded in Afghanistan, is brought back to life by Lilah's warmth and determination, and resolves to do anything he can to free and protect her. But as the two struggle to escape their grim fate, they stumble upon a remote town hiding a dark secret, and learn that Lilah is also being hunted by someone she never expected to fear: A Kyndred friend.

It's a day late and probably more than a dollar short once you factor in inflation but I finally got my TBR Challenge review up. I won't go in to details but let's just say I've been... distracted. :)

Lynn Viehl's Darkyn series is a favorite of mine so when she began the spin-off series of the Kyndred, I knew I had to read it. With the next and last book of the series due out 1 November, I decided to get ready for release day by reading the third book in the series.

Lilah Devereaux has a way with animals. Unfortunately, it didn't come naturally but through genetic enhancement done when she was a baby. Now those that experimented on her want her and those like her back. Lilah is a survivor and that is never more evident than when she is kidnapped and forced to work with a stranger to stay alive. Lilah is a tough heroine, she was the driving force behind her and Walker escaping and surviving. Walker did it more for Lilah where as Lilah did it for both of them.

Walker Kimball is a contradiction. He is soldier who was thought to be dead but in reality he is more than human and much harder to kill. When he and Lilah are kidnapped, he is protective of her, then his more baser nature comes out and he can't decide if he wants to rip out her throat or have sex with her. I have to say, there were times when Walker confused me. But, all is not lost because in the end his actions made sense. I just wish it would have made sense a little sooner.

The romance happens very fast. And it's not very romantic since Lilah and Walker are in danger for most of the book. They do find some alone time to let loose but the falling in love didn't feel right. It felt too rushed and not believable.

There is a lot going on that isn't necessarily spelled out but inferred through the actions and reactions of the characters. Sometimes I found myself re-reading certain passages to make sure I understood what was going on. It's a complex plot with a number of secondary characters having a large impact on Lilah and Walker's lives. I did enjoy the tie in of the Darkyn characters - Nick and Gabriel. Since I preferred that series over this one, it was good to see some familiar faces of the Darkyn.

Frostfire was a whirlwind story with a number of sub-plots all tying in to the two main characters and their story. While I enjoyed the action and suspense, I do wish there had been more time devoted to the romance and not felt that it was rushed for the sake of the overall world building.

Rating: B

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