Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cover Love: ICED by Karen Marie Moning

Karen Marie Moning posted the cover for her next release, ICED, on her Facebook page. She also included a quote from the book.

[Dani] I figure the folks that are the most interesting get to go to heaven. I mean, if I was God, that’s who I’d want there with me. I also figure being eternally happy would be eternally boring so I try not to be too interesting, even though it’s hard for me. I’d rather be a superhero in hell than an angel in heaven. What the feck would I do all day if I wasn’t kicking demon ass?

ICED is scheduled for release October 30, 2012. The full title is ICED: A Dani O'Malley Novel. Those of you who read the Fever series are familiar with Dani, who more or less disappeared at the end of Shadowfever. Now she's coming back and I find myself looking forward to reading more about Dani and what has happened to Dublin and the characters from the Fever series. I don't think anyone who read the Fever series is surprised with the spin-off series. There were still a lot of loose-ends at the end of Shadowfever. Now we get this new generation of heroines and heroes and I find I'm starting to really look forward to the release. I do hope we catch up with Mac and Barrons but keep Dani, Christian and Ryodan as the main focus. I've always liked Dani's character and after reading the teasers Ms. Moning has posted on her Facebook page, I'm excited to get back into the Fever world!

What about all of you? Do any of you plan to continue with the spin-off series?


  1. I don't know if I will read on. I wasn't a huge, huge fan of the Fever series but I might be interested to read this one. I have no self control when it comes to existing storylines etc.

  2. Leslie, this is no surprise at all. But no, I'm not continuing with this. :( As it turned out in the end, sadly not a fan of this series afterall.

    I do look forward to reading YOUR take on this new spin off series, though. :)

  3. Very cool cover indeed :)

    I've never read Karen Marie Moning. I tried to, but we didn't click... and this is an author I didn't force on myself. It's still about fae right?

  4. Marg ~ I'm like that too! It's hard for me to let go of characters when I feel like I've invested so much time in their stories.

    Hils ~ That's too bad. I know some readers were disappointed that Shadowfever wasn't truly the end of the series like we were originally told. Too many unanswered questions. I'll be sure to share my thoughts on Iced.

    Nath ~ KMM does get some really cool covers! Did you try her highlander/time travel books or the Fever series? I liked some of her highlander books more than others. Same with the Fever books.

    Of course, it's best not to force it. Yep, still about the fae.

  5. Ooo this is the first time I've seen the cover to ICED. I like it!!!
    I'll most likely continue reading with this spinoff series, especially if the library gets a copy.