Wednesday, March 21, 2012

TBR Challenge Review: Guns & The Girl Next Door

Guns and the Girl Next Door
Helenkay Dimon
Mystery Men/Book 2
Romantic Suspense
Harlequin/January 11, 2011

Before the recovery project was even up and running, its first case exploded on the scene Agent Holden Price didn't have to go far to find his next case--it crashed right into his living room Not only had the beautiful blonde lost control of her car, but if she was telling the truth, someone was also trying to kill her. As a recovery agent, he had an obligation to investigate. And he couldn't deny that Mia Landers interested him more than she should.

Nothing made sense to Mia--especially not the attempt on her life. All she could do was trust Holden, the tall, dark and devastating agent who discovered that he and Mia had a common enemy...and a fierce attraction. But in order to act on it, they'd first have to come face-to-face with their darkest fears and a deadly revelation that might put their newfound love on the line.

Confession Time: I picked this one mainly because it's short. Yep, see I totally messed up and thought the challenge was last week so I read a book for it about ten days ago. Then, when someone (Nath) clued me in that I still had a week I went ahead and reviewed that book thinking I would simply pick another book for this week. But this week got here really fast so I had to pick one that I actually had a chance to read and review in two days. Good thing Guns & the Girl was fast paced and an easy read.

This one started out fast and kept up that momentum for most of the story. There was some downtime, the characters do need some sleep after having hot sex but the pacing overall was very well done.

Mia Landers has found herself in a boatload of trouble. Good thing she practically runs into Holden Price. The first impression of Mia was one of a woman completely out of her element. She's being chased in the woods and she's not sure why. She reacts in a panic and ends up in Holden's living room, car and all. From there the action doesn't slow down as Mia has really pissed some people off. Mia's moments of panic give way to some moments of composure when Holden needs her help. I did like how they worked as a team even though for the most part Holden was in charge. Which only made sense since he has the experience.

Holden Price is trying to relax and it's not working. He hasn't worked in two month, ever since the government agency he works for, Recovery Project, was disband. It's one of those "be careful what you wish for" moments for Holden when Mia comes bursting into his life. No more sitting around as Mia has brought some serious trouble with her. Neither Holden or Mia trust each other but that doesn't stop them from teaming up against the guys who are trying to kill Mia and anyone who gets in their way. Holden is a typical alpha hero but he does have some weaknesses which made him less than perfect and more human and easier to like.

The whole team from the Recovery Project gets involved and that team camaraderie is in full force when these guys are around. It's surprising how well Dimon has developed the bonds between the guys so quickly in this category series. You get the brotherly bonds along with a solid romance. Not easy to do given the shorter format. The romance is fast paced along with the action and given different circumstances Mia and Holden could have certainly falling for each other in a more normal time frame but these are stressful situations and Mia and Holden's quick romance was written in a believable way.

If I had any issues it was with the antagonists. Whiny, incompetent and naive, Mia's boss was an annoyance that I could have done without. The other was smart but not smart enough to handle the Recovery Project team. Which seemed out of sync since he had resources that the team didn't.

Guns & the Girl Next Door left me wanting more of the Mystery Men series. Even in the shorter format, Dimon gives the reader plenty of action and romance.

Rating: B+

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  1. I really liked this whole series with grades ranging from B- to B+. They're all really fast-paced and quick, quick reads. And just to tease you - the last book was my favorite :)

  2. LOL, it feels like I kept pointing out to people that they had the wrong date for the challenge this month ^_^; You, Hils and Kristie :) I think it's because I was so relieved it was March 21!! Otherwise, I wouldn't have made it.

    Oh I remember this one! Wendy reviewed! :) Sounds like you enjoyed it quite a bit :) So many books to add to the TBR pile LOL. I've only read one or two books by Ms Dimon. I need to read more.

  3. Wendy ~ Oh, tease! I have the rest of the series waiting on the TBR pile just need to find the reading time. Good to know it continues to hold up.

    Nath ~ LOL Nice to know I wasn't the only one who got the dates mixed up! I have a few of Dimon's Brava books to read after finishing this series. Much goodness to look forward to!

  4. Oh you're good! I would have taken the review down and then scheduled it for the right day. LOL!

    Glad to see you liked this one .. and that you've got quite a few more fun reads ahead of you in the series! More fun! :)