Sunday, June 5, 2016

Keeper Shelf Sunday ~ J.D. Robb

Nora Roberts is well known for her romances, but her alter ego, J. D. Robb, is the author who grabbed my attention. I'm not sure I had ever read a Nora Roberts book prior to reading Naked in Death, the first book in the wildly popular In Death series.

I was late to the In Death series, starting when there were already 20+ books in the series. One reason I put off starting the series - I didn't think I'd ever catch up unless I wanted to put off reading anything else for months. Instead, I was lucky to have access to audiobooks through my library and quickly caught up. Not only are audiobooks a great way to become addicted to this amazing series but the narrator, Susan Ericksen, is one of my all time favorites. She gives each character a unique voice, bringing them to life.

Since I started with audio books from the library and prefer to continue with audio books, I don't usually buy the books. Which may seems odd since it is a favorite series. As of today, there are 42 full length novels and numerous novellas in the series with another full length novel coming out this fall. If you are just beginning the series, it is a daunting task. I would highly recommend going the audio books route if at all possible. My Keeper Shelf of J. D. Robb books is far from complete. In fact, I only have a few but they are special to me.

A wonderful find at
the Friends of the
Library used
bookstore. A signed
hard copy of
Born in Death.

Born in Death is not one of my favorites and I would not have bought it, except for that signature. I'm assuming it's authentic but even if it isn't, I'll pretend it is and keep it on my shelf. :)

One thing about the series that has changed are the covers. The first few books in the series had what are referred to as the "blue lady" covers. These covers are, as you can see, sporting the figure (or parts) of a blue lady. They are the U.S. first edition covers. I found these at one of my local used book store and couldn't resist buying them up. While I don't exactly like them, they are unique.

This last book is another used book store find. Can you tell I love getting lost in used book stores? This is a U.K. edition of Naked in Death. I thought it was so pretty and when I picked it up, out came a boarding ticket for British Airways. It is for a flight from London to Phoenix. I like to think whomever this book belonged to, they enjoyed reading it during the long flight.

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  1. Wow! Those are beautiful covers, Leslie! I also had quite a few of these in print, but Vanessa took the whole lot home. Some of these covers look familiar, but I believe most of them were the later editions.

    I also love used books! Love the one with ticket… and that signature. Great finds!