Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Looking for a Unique Bookcase?... NWS

While browsing online for a new bookcase, because I desperately need one for an odd corner space, I found a few I liked and then I found this one...

                            The Human Bookshelf by David Blasquez

Just for fun, if you could have this in your home, for your eyes only, what fictional heroes would you choose to make your custom bookcase?

Me ~ I'd pick Barrons, Roarke, Curran, Cadeon Woede, Rhage and Cian MacKeltar. Not necessarily stacked in that order. ;)


  1. *snort* I don't know about the others, but Curran is a reader. He'd be an uncooperative "shelf" -- too busy reading. ;-)

    Kinda cruel to the heroes, though. They could be put to better use, don't you think. ;-D

    *sigh* How about villains as furniture...? Nah, too ugly and/or dangerous.

  2. Lori ~ LOL That was my reaction.

    Christina ~ hmmm... better use? Maybe they could rotate. Take a different one off the "bookcase" each night and have them read with us. In bed. :-D

  3. Wow - very nice!!! Why aren't their dangly parts hanging *she asks scratching her head in thought*?

    Oh let's see...Drustan Mackelter, Rhage, Zsadist, Daemon Sadi, Dorian Christenson(Psy/Changeling series) and Bones (from Frost's series)

  4. See? I *knew* you'd think of something!

    My pick: I'll have to agree with you on Curran (even though I still think he'd be an uncooperative shelf), Donovan and Delaney Shea (from The Dragonfire series --based on the sneak peek -- Winter Kiss popped up in your slide show window while I was thinking and I did a headslap); Michael Stone and Striking Jaguar from Jessica Andersen's The Final Prophecy series; and Grayson Dante from Stacia Kane's Megan Chase series.

    Let's see. That's three shape-shifters (one lion and two dragons), two mages, and a demon.

  5. Tracy ~ I wondered the same thing. ;) Doublesided tape like beauty contestants use? Ouch!

    I like your choices. Totally forgot about Bones. I need to catch up with that series. :)

    Christina ~ Might have to tie Curran down. *grins*

    I just started the Dragonfire series and am already hooked. Haven't read Andersen or Kane yet. Would you recommend?

  6. I would recommend both series.

    The Final Prophecy is paranormal romance and Jessica uses the Mayan Doomsday as a plot device. The books are chunky -- 400+ pages, lots of world building and characters. Since the goal is to save the world by December 2012, the series has an end. There are three books out now and a fourth due April 2010. Here's what I had to say about Nightkeepers.

    Megan Chase -- I really liked the first book. The second is out -- it was delayed, originally, because of Juno being acquired by Pocket Books and that interrupted the publishing scheduling . Here's what I wrote about Personal Demons.

    Dragonfire -- I really like the world building and premise of the series. I hope to have Kiss of Fate finished this weekend.

  7. Christina ~ You've sold me on both series. :) I do have Nightkeepers on my TBR pile so I'll start there.

    And the Megan Chase series - after reading your review I have to find out why she doesn't have a personal demon. LOL I'll pick that one up too. Thanks for the recs. :)

  8. You're welcome! I hope you enjoy them. :-)

  9. Seriously, this bookcase just looks wrong, LOL :P

  10. nath ~ but you did look. LOL *grins*