Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mad Men ~ Are You Watching It?...

According to AskMen the most influential man of 2009 is Don Draper. Who? The name doesn't ring a bell? Didn't for me so I checked out the story here. Turns out the most influential man of the year isn't even real, he's a fictional character from AMC's show Mad Men. I've heard some good things about the show but for some reason I haven't had the urge to start watching it. And why are they doing this now? Shouldn't they wait until the year is over?

So why is it that not only was a fictional character chosen but he's not even from the current time period? He's an ad exec from the 1960's.

From the article ~

Draper illustrates old-school values even though he often fails to meet them himself. His human flaws are what make him so relevant to men today. He is by turns a chain-smoking, drinking-in-the-office emblem of a bygone age, and an unusually real, earnest human being who illustrates the struggles modern men know all too well.

Aside from the chain-smoking, he sounds like he could be one of the alpha males we love to read about. Was a fictional character chosen because we can accept their flaws and misdeeds far easier than a real, living person? Or was a fictional character chosen this year because people especially need that escape from reality? And who would have been chosen had this poll been taken on a woman's site? Perhaps President Obama would have made it higher than #3? I think maybe I'll just check out Don and see what he's all about.

In case you were wondering who the other top ten are:

10 ~ Dana White
9 ~ Peyton Manning
8 ~ Roger Federer
7 ~ Steve Jobs
6 ~ Michael Jackson
5 ~ Simon Cowell
4 ~ Mark Zuckerberg
3 ~ Barack Obama
2 ~ Usain Bolt


  1. Okay, Leslie... this worries me. Really it does. We have a fictional character as #1. Athletes, entertainers and well... 1 billionaire and the President. People (men) actually voted athletes, entertainers (Simon Cowell?), and a fictional character as the most influential??? Stunning...

  2. Hils ~ I was surprised too! I had to look up #2 & 10. Never heard of them. #4 I knew had something to do with the internet. LOL And Simon?! Is American Idol really that influential?

    I'm not surprised with the sports figures in there but thought there would be more business or political figures as well.

  3. Not sure if I was approving of Don Draper being number 1...but I love love LOVE MAD MEN! It's exceptional. One episode you love him, the next you wonder what in the world is even remotely human about him, and then the next episode your making excuses for him. If you havn't tried it, you should definetly Netflix or Tivo it.

    Why in the world is Simon on there? Weird!

  4. RachieG ~ it's a great character that you love one episode and can't stand the next. LOL

    I've requested the first two seasons from the library so I'll get to see Don Draper in action. :)

    And Simon - never understood his appeal.