Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Vickie Taylor - New Release?

I've had Vickie Taylor's Carved in Stone and Flesh and Stone on my TBR pile for what seems like years. If you're not familiar with them, here's the blurbs. ~

Carved in Stone ~ Six year old Rachel Vandermere didn't believe in monsters--until she saw one kill her parents. Now all grown up and an INTERPOL investigator, Rachel has quietly amassed an impressive collection of evidence to support the existence of preternatural creatures. But she dares not go public with her beliefs until she can produce a living, breathing abnormal being to show the world--which she is certain she can do if only she can convince the enigmatic Nathan Cross to help her.

Disavowed from the Chicago congregation of Gargoyles, Nathan has given up life as a guardian of mankind for a quieter, more human existence. But when Rachel shows up at his door spouting her crazy theories about monsters, he is thrust into the role of protector once again. For Rachel's theories aren't as crazy as some people might think, and her diligent pursuit of the truth might just get them both killed if the wrong people find out what she knows.

With an ancient evil force gathering on the horizon to destroy them, Rachel and Nathan must both come to terms with the secrets of their pasts before it's too late for them to save their future...together.

Flesh and Stone ~ In her world, she was a protector. Mara Kincaide knows what it is like to live in chaos. For six years, she has operated a shelter for women, bearing witness to the dark side of mankind as well as the great potential for good in humanity. But when a client whom she deeply cared for disappears, a concerned Mara follows her friend's trail -- and ends up falling victim to the same ominous fate...

In his world, he would protect her. Powerful, lithe, and cunning, Connor Rihyad is a force not to be trifled with, even among the other Gargoyles who, with him, have watched over humanity for centuries. But when Mara is "given" to Connor, she senses something about the brooding guardian that separates him for his ageless brethren -- an untamed desire that yearns to be unleashed...

Now as betrayal and savage violence threaten to explode around them, Mara must decide if she has truly found the man of her dreams -- or the embodiment of her nightmares...

Gargoyles? I know but still... I like the premise, I like the blurbs. So I got the first two books and there they sat, waiting for the third book. Now it looks like the third book in the series is finally being published. Legacy of Stone was supposed to be published over two years ago but now, according to the author and the publisher is set to for release this December.

Legacy of Stone ~ Levi Tremaine grew up apart from his people. He grew up not knowing, not understanding what he was. Now both the good and bad forces of Les Gargouillen have found him, and Levi and his woman, Tasha, are caught in a battle for his immortal soul.

This is all I could find for a blurb but I'll still be getting it. For some reason I'm looking forward to reading about gargoyles. :)

Vickie Taylor's website isn't updated but she does have a blog that's current. She also writes for Silhouette and has a new release for them coming out next January and is working on the fourth book in the Gargoyles series.


  1. I read the first book when it first came out, and really liked it. I bought the second book, and....

    I'm not sure if it's still in the TBR or not.

    My burn-out on all things paranormal is so severe (at the moment) that I just did a big TBR pile purge of anything "otherworldly" and I'm not sure if it was sparred from the chopping block.....

  2. Wendy, I haven't read the first two books, I was waiting, thinking I would get book 3 then start. LOL So I'll have to dig them out from under the bed. :)

    Hope you're able to find the 2nd book...

  3. I read and loved the first book too. But I couldn't finish the second one. But that might have been the mood I was in at the time. That being said, I've been really looking forward - for a long time now - for the next one hoping it's as good as the first.

  4. Kristie ~ mood definitely affects my reading... too much of the same genre and I get burnt out. I'll need to get the first two books read soon. :)

  5. I really liked Vickie's gargoyle books and I'm excited there will finally be more coming!

  6. Karen ~ according to her blog she's working on book 4, which is planned for late next year. So it sounds like she's definitely back into writing. :)