Sunday, October 25, 2009


Busy weekend here. I did manage to finish two books but I still have what seems like a bunch of books that I'm only half-way finished reading. Started two more books today but only got about 20 pages in, then set aside. Couldn't decide what to read. :( Finally picked up an older book that comes highly recommended. So far, about 50 pages into it and liking it, so that's a good sign. :)

Saturday was ASU Band Day. High school marching bands from all over the state perfom throughout the day. It's exciting to see them in such a huge stadium. Abby's band played early, 9:30, so we didn't stay the whole day, the boys would have drove me nuts! We did get to see Abby's band perform, which was great, they are doing a Cirque du Soleil themed show. AWESOME! I love watching them perform. The shows these high school kids present are truly amazing. How they manage not to run into each other as they are moving all over the field while playing their instruments is proof of all the practice time they put in.

Coming onto the field. The band is small, about 65 kids. Some of the larger schools have around 150-170 kids in their marching bands.

This is right before the performance. They get in these positions which are suppose to reflect the theme of Cirque du Soleil. So they're not stiff and at attention but relaxed like the Cirque du Soleil performers.

After the fun of the marching bands, dh, the boys and I went to the big downtown library where the boys rode the glass elevator and then we got some books. I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to get Kate Lyon's book Hopes Captive. There were two copies but both were nasty to the point that I didn't want to touch them. I'll get that one from Paperbackswap. I did get Hex in High Heels by Linda Wisdom and Homicide in Hardcover by Kate Carlisle.

Then it was time to eat a late lunch. The kids voted for Sonic but dh and I spotted TGI Friday's on the way so we used our veto powers and went there. I indulged and got a bacon cheeseburger which was delicious! Then it was on to the last stop, Party City - truly a shop of horrors since it was Saturday afternoon, the week before Halloween. A Madhouse! But we had success and got 8 year old son's costume. Nine year old son is going to be Link from the Zelda video games. Guess who's going to make the costume? Yep, me. And I don't sew so it should be interesting. LOL Thankfully I found a woman who made the Link costume for cosplay and posted detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to make everything. I'll make adjustments for my non-sewing self - Velcro and liquid stitch are my friends. :)

Tomorrow (Monday) is my mom's 83rd birthday so my two nieces, one niece's boyfriend, my nephew, Auntie Fran and my family all went out to a breakfast buffet. Then over to mom's house to hang out for a while. It was fun and good to see everyone. This afternoon I actually took a nap. I'm not a good napper, I usually wake up more tired then before the nap, dh says I don't do it right. He should know, he's a championship napper. LOL

I read another Jill Shalvis - Double Play - very funny. I hope to get the review up this week. So how was everyone's weekend? Read any good books?


  1. We had a busy weekend too. We bought a new car - well new to us. Our other car finally went to the big car show in the sky. The engine went capooie.

    I am reading King of the Sword and Sky. It is going really slow. I can't seem to get into it. Some of it is due to the whole fiasco with our car, but some of it is due to the book. I think Wilson's writing style might not be for me. I think it's bogged down with too many details. I am about halfway through it, but I plan to keep chugging along.

  2. Jill ~ Yeah for the new car. :) That's something we've been putting off doing - don't want a car payment but we'll need to start shopping for a newer car soon.

    Wilson's writing is very detailed and KoS&S has, if I remember, a lot of political intrigue of the kingdom in the story. But I do remember loving the fight scenes. :)

  3. Sounds like you had a great time!!

    Hey, you'll have to post a pic of the costume!! I want to see how it turns out!! and wow, that girl was really into it! LOL :)

    Glad your mom had a good time for her 83th anniversary :D

    By the way, are you reading Homicide by Hardcover? Want to buddy review it? if you do, I'll pick it up as well :D (Hmmmm, if I can find it ^_^;)

  4. nath ~ I dont' know what I've gotten myself into. LOL Can you believe how much work that woman put into making the costume? Wow! I'm taking shortcuts - not sewing boots or gloves! I'll be sure to post pictures. The shield will be the hard part - I might enlist Abby's help with it. :)

    Not reading Homicide yet. Let me know when you pick it up and we can do a buddy review. :D

  5. Well I have a few books to read before homicide in Hardcover, so I'm not in a hurry plus, I have to find it ^_^; So LOL, let me know when YOU pick it up :D

    and seriously, that woman is dedicated!! It shows, just by the fact she posted the instructions to make the costume online! LOL :) Good lucky!! The shield would probably be a good project for the kids to have fun :D

    psst - are you going to make it on time for tomorrow?

  6. I just have to say that I LOVE marching bands.

  7. nath~ umm... guess I'm not going to make it on time. LOL Dang, last week just flew by. I'll still post my re-read, just late. :0)

    Christine ~ before Abby started marching band my only experience was watching them in parades. The half-time shows are so much better than the parades. Love them too!