Thursday, May 26, 2016

Blogger, You're Messing Up My Challenge

A couple of weeks ago, I missed posting one day. I thought I had written a review and posted it but it wasn't there so I thought I must have forgotten to post. Yesterday, I posted a review and thought everything was going fine. Then I noticed the review is not there. I checked my posts in blogger and the review shows as posted. I search and find it posted on the day two weeks ago! I can only guess the review got scheduled to post that day, May 12, which is odd because I rarely schedule posts, I just post when I'm done writing them. And then I never hit "publish" which is why it was still listed under draft posts. So now it looks like I missed another day, yesterday.

So if you're interested in reading a review on Sarina Bowen's The Shameless Hour, hop over to the May 12th post. It's a good book and wonderful series.

Okay, off to write a review to post for today, May 26. :)


  1. See, now you have an extra post!

    Thanks for letting us know, because I saw The Shameless Hour on my feed and was wondering where it was here, so I could comment!!

  2. Oh! See… I scheduled a post for Sunday and it NEVER posted at all! I don't know what I did wrong, or if it was Blogger… I ended up posting it on Monday.