Sunday, May 29, 2016

Keeper Shelf Sunday ~ Patricia Briggs

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And Shapeshifters

 OH, MY!

Patricia Briggs is well known for her Mercy Thompson series about shape-shifter Mercy and her pack of werewolves. Then there is the popular spin-off series, Alpha & Omega about Charles and Anna Cornick, two werewolves who travel around the country, solving problems for the Marrok, Charles' father and the Alpha of the North American Packs. Both series are well written, highly entertaining urban fantasy/paranormal romances. They can be categorized as either, it depends on whom you ask.

I've read nearly everything Ms. Briggs has written, missing a few novellas and short stories. Her early works are classified as high fantasy and fantasy and should not be missed if you enjoy those genres.

A while ago I lucked into finding Homecoming, a graphic novel set in the Mercy universe. I'm not much for graphic novels but I couldn't pass this up.

Homecoming is a prequel which tells, in graphic novel format, how Mercy came to be in the Tri-Cities area of Washington. The characters are not exactly how I pictured them from reading the novels. There is some nudity of Mercy and she is very well built, like a weightlifter. Where as I've pictured her as fit but not with huge muscles. Perhaps it this is typical in graphic novels?

Stefan is not at all how I see him. I expect him to be thinner, looking deceptively weak. And I'm not sure about the "bandana" on his head. What's with that? Does he wear one in the books?

The werewolves look far more fierce and scary than what is described in the novels. In the novels, they are depicted as looking like wolves but generally larger than a typical wolf. Here. one look and you would be soiling yourself. No compulsion to pet them, that's for sure!

If you savor alpha werewolves, smart heroines and magical worlds give Patricia Briggs a try. I'll bet she ends up on your keeper shelf.


  1. Leslie, these depictions of the characters don't look like the descriptions in the books! I recently read the entire series (both Alpha & Omega and Mercy Thompson) and I can tell you that Stephan does not wear a bandana! LOL And, that werewolf looks like something out of a horror movie? Not at all like a Briggs werewolf. :(

    PS: I love your print copy of the Homecoming graphic novel!

    1. Thanks for confirming that Stephan does Not wear a bandana. I didn't remember him wearing one. lol

  2. I'm not a huge fan of American comics :( The same thing happened with the Women of the Otherworld series. What the artist drew really wasn't what I had in mind.

    Was the story good though? :)

    1. The story was good. It was fun reading with the pictures. Kind of what I call Lazy reading, with the pictures telling part of the story. lol