Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Art of Dan Dos Santos

Sky so bright.
Moon so full.
Old metal carcass doesn't run anymore.
But that's okay,
I need no wheels.
Not when I have wings. 

Blue light bleeds from me.
Lighting the desolate space of my existence.
Try to escape, to leave it behind. 
It's like trying to obliterate the past.
While it dwells in you, feeds you.

It is my companion, always within reach.
It is the instrument of death,
or the instrument of salvation.
It is crucial to survival.
It will cause my destruction. 
But it is mine

The art is from the amazing Dan Dos Santos. You can see more of his work here. You might see some familiar book covers.

1st Picture ~ It's Up to Charlie Hardin by Dean Ing
2nd Picture ~ Trailer Park Fae by Lilith Saintcrow
3rd Picture ~ The Questing Road by Lyn McConchie

The poems are my humble attempts at capturing what the art said to me. I thank you for your indulgence.


  1. Such great art!! I love the cover of Trailer Park Fae. It's because of the cover that the book is on my radar :P

    1. Covers can definitely make a difference!

  2. Les! I love, love, Dos Santos' artwork. Thanks for posting these.

    I love all three covers. The first two are definitely "urban" and "fantasy" mixed together. Love how well he blends the two… The third one looks to be pure fantasy.

    1. I hope to some day have a few on my wall. They are gorgeous!

  3. Like Hils, I've always loved Dan Dos Santos's art! I think you chose great examples, and your poems work so well with them.

    1. Thanks Li! It was hard to choose only a few.