Saturday, May 14, 2016

Scenic Saturday

While it might be spring in other parts of the continent, it's heating up quick here in the U. S. southwest.  Currently, it's 88 F at 9 pm. Today's high was suppose to get to 99 F but I can't be sure since I stayed inside. :) When I did venture out it was this evening when I headed over to the Air Force base to do some shopping. A couple of months ago, the flowers were blooming like crazy but with the heat they are starting to wither. I did manage to find this pretty one blooming from a cactus.

Edited to Add: I was looking through my posts and realized I missed posting Thursday! Ugh! I meant to post a review, have one almost ready but I guess I forgot to finish it and post it. I'll double post tomorrow. I can't even remember what I was doing Thursday night and it was only two days ago!


  1. Oh Leslie, this is a gorgeous shot! I love, love the Arizona desert. I find cactus flowers so beautiful.

    And lol! I also missed posting on Thursday! One of those days…

  2. LOL, flower among thorns!!

    Ugh, it's freaking cold here :( some parts are getting snow T_T I shouldn't envy your warm weather, but I kind of do LOL