Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kristie + Lord Ian = Giveaway...

Anyone who knows Kristie from Ramblings on Romance, knows how excited she gets when she reads a book that she really, really loves. Reading her posts about these books, you can't help but get excited too. It's like when someone starts laughing and you just start laughing along with them but you're not even sure why you're laughing. With Kristie you just can't help but get caught up in the excitement.

Kristie's latest find is the novel by Jennifer Ashley ~ The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie. You can read Kristie's review here. And she's also posted about it here.

About a week ago Kristie's posted about the books she wanted to buy but brave woman that she is she made this rule about not buying anymore books until she read 5 from her TBR pile. (I could never do that) She mentioned the Jennifer Ashley book so I went looking for the book at Borders. They didn't have it.

So, I figured I'd spot it somewhere else plus I've still got a mountain of a TBR pile myself to get through. As it turns out this book wasn't going to be as easy to find as I thought. Target didn't have it either. Tried at the BX/PX on base, no luck.

So when I did find it (Borders finally got some in) I thought why not get two? One for me and one for someone else. So if you trust Kristie like I do go ahead and leave a comment on this post by midnight Friday, May 15 and I'll pick a winner next Saturday, May 16. Contest is open to residents of the US and Canada.

Now I'm going to spend some time with this Lord Ian that Kristie's so crazy about. :)


  1. wow, I just read her review and while I do read romance books once in awhile-this one sounds like it is a do not miss! It also sounds a bit different from most romance books, and that is appealing to me as well. Hope you are enjoying your read too! Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. Wow!! Now I'm in the frying pan with the heat turned on :) I just hope this one lives up to the high expectations that I've given it for you *g* Obviously it has for me - and most people who have read it so far - but I'm always worried that I may have lead some down that garden path *gulp*

  3. Oh *laughing* and since turn about is fair play - just before I popped over here, I placed an order for Laura Dane's Relentless. Hopefully I will be getting it this week 'cause that *um* challenge I made to myself kind of went out the window.

  4. Ooh, yes, please? If only to stop me from doing further damage at Amazon this month.

    Aw, my verification word is mater. How apropos for today.

  5. I first read about this book on The Phade, then when Kristie gave her seal of approval, I knew I had to have it. I searched high and low after it's release date and finally found it yesterday at B&N. So don't enter me in the giveaway. I just wanted to say I finally found it! And it is very good so far.

  6. Oh and Happy Mother's Day, Leslie!

  7. HI Leslie *waves*

    I'm not eligible for the contest (as I live in NZ) but I just wanted to say that I'm completely hanging out for this book after reading Kristie's review! It sounds AMAZING!

    Good luck everyone!

  8. Oooh! I want this book, and I'm also on a no-book-buying ban until RWA, but I said nothing about not WINNING books *hint hint*.

  9. I read Laura Kinsale's Flowers from the Storm a month ago (must have been the only person in romancelandia who hadn't read this classic yet) and enjoyed it tremendously. I really liked the way the author dealt with the hero's troubles and I had been looking for more books in the same alley. I've heard a lot of praise on Lord Ian in the last weeks so I'd love to read it :-D

  10. micaela/Michele ~ I'm falling hard for Ian. And his brothers. :)

    Kristie ~ LOL ~ So far it's as good as you said it was. I really think you'll like Relentless. Should I say I'm not surprised you bought books? :) Just enjoy!

    Laurije Bee ~ I have a love/hate relationship with Amazon. Love buying books there but hate getting the bills. :) I love your word. Perfect!

    Brie ~ Happy Mother's Day to you too! Hope you had a nice one and got spoiled. :)

    Orannia ~ Hi! I hope you get this one soon. So far it's very good.

    AnimeJune ~ No book buying until July?! I couldn't do it but at least you'll make up for it at RWA.

    Mary ~ I need to do a re-read on Kinsale. It's been years since I read anything by her but I do remember loving Flowers..

  11. I've been so excited about reading this book. There's something in the writing style (from what I've read of the excerpt) that reminds me of Scandal by Carolyn Jewel, which is my favorite historical romance for this year (so far!)

  12. So nice of you Leslie :)

    Did you read it yet? Want to buddy review it with me? :)

    I'm all done, so you don't need to enter me in it :)

  13. Renee ~ Scandal is your favorite this year? I've got it on my TBR pile, might need to bump it up a bit. :)

    Nath ~ I'm still reading Lord Ian and it's going to take me a few more days before I finish. If you don't mind waiting I'll do a buddy review with you. I should mention I've never done one & I'm not sure how. :)

  14. Hey Leslie :) As long as you're willing to try one, it's very easy LOL :) All we do is exchange a couple of emails :)

    here's my email address, just send me one when you're done :) and take your time, there is no rush :P

    natuschan @ gmail . com (without the spaces)

  15. Got it Nath. I'll email in a couple of days. :)

  16. I've had this book on TBR pile and I'll finally get to it by the end of this week -- can't wait to read your joint review. :)

  17. ooo, ooo, ooo, I so want to read this one! -- willaful

  18. Your so awesome! :D Please count me in...Haven't found it at Wal-Mart yet but I keep trying!!

    rachie2004 AT

  19. Hils ~ I can't wait to read the joint review either. LOL

    willaful ~ I'm enjoying Ashley's writing style.

    RachieG ~ I was wondering if I would find it too. Surprised Borders didn't have it the first time I looked.

  20. Oh, I hate it when I go to the bookstore for a book and they haven't got any copies. Nowadays, I check online to see how many copies they have in stock before deciding which bookstore to go to.

    I totally want to read The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie so count me in!

    Also, awwwwwww...cute kitty picture!