Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Doctors and books = Good medicine...

I'm almost finished with Charles De Lint's The Mystery of Grace. My first from this author but not my last. It's fantasy with a very authentic feel to it. Different from my usual reads but in a good way. I also have de Lint's The Onion Girl and The Wild Wood on my TBR pile.

Tomorrow I should have my review posted of Julie James' Practice Makes Perfect. I say should have it posted because RL has been very unpredictable lately. My youngest had a follow up doctor visit today. I took him two weeks ago because of a cough that would not go away. Pediatrician said lungs didn't sound clear so off we go to get an x-ray. That came back fine so he was given medicine to try to clear up the cough. But he's still not better so back to the doctor we go. Now he's taking Claritin in addition to the Singular he already takes plus the doc gave him a nebulizer for Albuterol. And we've got a referral to see a pediatric pulmonologist. But the pediatrician kept telling me that she doesn't think it's asthma. *sigh* He doesn't like the breathing treatments but they do seem to help.

Then my mom called today with the date for her surgery. She has been having abdominal pains since last summer. I bugged her to go to the doctor until she finally went. Then after some tests she was referred to a gynecologist who did more tests and an ultra-sound. A cyst the size of a softball was found to be causing the pain. Then mom was referred to a gynecological oncologist who confirmed surgery was needed. The good news is that the doctors don't think it's cancer. So we're trying to stay positive but I still worry, she's 82.

And the ever so patient nath :) from Books, books and more books asked me to do a buddy review with her. This was my first attempt at a buddy review and it was a lot of fun. The review for The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie should be up at nath's blog soon.

So at this point I'm very thankful for good health care and books. I take my book bag with me to all the doctor appointments and believe me they really help to pass all the time spent in the waiting rooms. I've tried to get my mom to bring a book when I take her to her appointments but she's too nervous to read. :)


  1. Leslie, I hope all goes well with your mom's surgery and that you get good news. ((Hugs)) My mom's 80, so I'm there with you.

    Looking forward to your review with nath, we'll wait for it.

  2. Thanks Hils. :) My mom is very stubborn and guards her independence. She lives alone, dad passed away 7 yrs ago, so I have to remind her that it's ok to ask for help. :)

    Did you read Lord Ian yet? I'm curious as to what you think of it.

  3. I hope everything goes fine for your mom, Leslie. Yes, it's worrisome at her age, but everything should go fine if the doctors think they should.

    Hope your youngest recovers quickly!

  4. Thanks nath ~ Mom's got a real positive attitude and I think that will go a long way towards her recovery.

    Nick's doing better already ~ only had to check on him once last night. :)

  5. Leslie, I didn't get to Lord Ian yet. RL has intruded this week with a vengeance... isn't that always the case? You know me, though, I can't stay away from the books. I'll start hitting them again as fast as I can. :)

  6. Oh bless your mom's heart. I can understand the nerves making anything much else impossible, especially while actually waiting on the doc. I'll keep her in my thoughts and I hope she pulls through it all marvelously.

  7. I *LOVE* Charles de Lint's books, and I envy your discovering him for the first time. You have some great reading ahead!

  8. Hils ~ I totally know how that is. Which is why I still don't have the review posted & I'm sitting her after 11PM responding to comments. :)

    KMont ~ Thanks (((hugs))). She goes for the surgery in two weeks. Now it's just a lot of blood tests, x-rays and getting her off some of her meds.

    Karen ~ Hi there! de Lint certainly has a way with words. The book wasn't what I was expecting but still very good.

  9. Hi Leslie, I hope the doctors find out what is wrong with your son soon. With luck, it is nothing major and will clear up in the near future.

    I know exactly how you feel about your mom. My mother is the same way when something is ailing her. We always have to beg her to go to the doctor. :/ In your Mom's case, at least they don't think the cyst is cancerous. I hope her surgery goes well. :)

    I always like picking up a book and being pleasantly surprised by the story. I find that when a book is different from what I expect it to be, I enjoy it more.

    Anywho, my thoughts are with you and your family. :)

  10. Awe ~ thanks Brie. :)

    Tricare came through fast with the referral so Nick will go to the pulmonologist soon.

    It's hard being the adult when it comes to our parents. The surgeon says he's 95% certain it's not cancer. I'll take those odds. :)

    de Lint's book was a surprise in a very good way. Now I've just got to get the review written.