Friday, May 22, 2009

The Movie Experience...

When I was checking out movie times, we're going to see the latest Night at the Museum movie, I noticed that for Terminator Salvation (must see soon) it's being shown in D-Box.

Here's the info on D-Box ~

Live the Action. Online ticket holders will need to check in at box office for seating assignment prior to performance start time. Price will include an upcharge.

Live the action as you experiance this highly anticipated new installment of "The Terminator" film franchise in the DBOX motion Chair Technology. You will be blown away as you watch John Connor lead the human resistance against Skynet and its army of Terminators.

Has anyone ever experienced this "D-Box" and is it worth the extra charge? We don't go to the movies that much and I've never heard of this. Is it like IMAX? Does the chair move?

We're also going to attempt once again to see Star Trek. We went last Sunday, got there 20 minutes before the show and the only seats left were in the first two rows. Yikes! No thanks. We decided to skip it since the rest of the showings would also be packed, even if we didn't have to sit in the first two rows. I'm hoping this weekend won't be as bad since the Terminator movie is out so maybe people will go to that one instead. *fingers crossed*

Just in case you haven't seen it here's a trailer for Terminator Salvation. I sill remember seeing the first Terminator movie. Didn't know anyone in it except for Arnold from his Conan movie. Got a crush on Michael Biehn, loved him later in Aliens. And Linda Hamilton went on to fame by playing beauty to Ron Pearlman's beast.

This installment of the franchise looks a whole lot better than the last and with Christian Bale it's hard to go wrong. And there is a Terminator 5 listed at IMDB. Dated for 2011. No other info unless you subscribe to IMDBPro.

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