Sunday, August 16, 2009

Christine Feehan Releases...

I'm still a reader of Christine Feehan's Dark series. The über alphas and their determination to claim their lifemates at all cost can get on my nerves. But Feehan has been giving readers a variety of heroines so it kind of offsets some of the sameness of the males. I do love her intricate world building ~ the language, the rituals and the setting of the Carpathian Mountains. Since the series has gone to hardcover I get them from the library. I just don't want them bad enough to pay hardcover prices - so I wait.

I did try her Drake Sisters series but couldn't get into it. I'm not a big fan when magic is the main paranormal aspect. The Nightwalker series I've read but I'm behind a few books. The last one I remember reading was Jack and Briony's story. It was good but didn't leave me eagerly awaiting the next one. I have the two Leopard series books in my TBR pile, who knows when I'll get to those.

I know some readers have fallen off the crazy, Carpathian I-can-see-rainbows-you-are-my-lifemate-let's-sleep-in-the-dirt train but I'm still hanging in there. There are a few characters' stories I'd like to read. Dominic Dragonseeker ~ I want to know more about him. What we've seen so far is a typical Carpathian male but I'm wondering what he's like after recovering from his injuries he suffered in Dark Demon. Dimitri and Skyler ~ the few times they've been together have merely wetted my appetite for their story. I think it has the potential to be heartbreakingly wonderful. And of course Zacarias ~ he'll need a strong women to put up with him and not break under his will. My guess is Zac's mate will be Solange but nothing has been confirmed. Just some major foreshadowing in previous books.

The next book in the series, Dark Slayer, is set for release on 1 September. I've got it requested from the library so it will probably be a few weeks after release day before I get it. I'll try to stay away from spoilers but the reality is that I never do. :)

There is also the paperback release of Dark Curse coming September 29th, which was released last year in hardcover (blue). What's interesting is that the cover has been changed. I'm really not sure which one I like better. Neither really. LOL I do however love the cover for Dark Slayer and hope the book lives up to it's potential. The last time Feehan had a kickass heroine was Natalya from Dark Demon, which I enjoyed despite the book's purported easier to hold format. No more tall paperbacks please!


  1. I haven't fallen off the wagon. I wasn't into the last one though. Can't wait for this one. I have fallen off the wagon on the Nightwalkers, though. I have the last Drake book but stopped at Chapter 3, not because it wasn't good, but I was too emotionally invested and couldn't take seeing a charecter, I love suffer so badly.

    That means, I'm a wuss.

  2. The last one was an okay read for me. This one sounds like it will be intense!

    You're not a wuss. :) I put off reading KMM's Faefever for almost a year because of some spoilers.

  3. I'm almost there..still have a couple of books to go until I catch up to this new release. I like her Dark series, I just can't read them back to back. I enjoy them much more when I have breathing room ;)

  4. Mandi ~ when I started the Dark series I read about 7 in a row and then had to stop. Then I would read one and allow that breathing room you mentioned. :)