Thursday, August 27, 2009

YotC Review: In Care of Sam Beaudry

Title: In Care of Sam Beaudry
Author: Kathleen Eagle
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: May 2009
Silhouette Special Edition

Keeping the people of his Rocky Mountain hometown safe was Sheriff Sam Beaudry's top priority. But his quiet life suddenly came under scrutiny when a young stranger came to town, claiming to be Sam's secret daughter, upsetting his very existence, not to mention his budding relationship with lovely nurse Maggie Whiteside.

Maggie wasn't swayed by all the talk surrounding Sam. Because she believed that she and the rugged lawman shared something special. Maggie and her young son had always known that he was a man to count on.

Now she had to show him that he could count on her...

What a beautiful cover. The colors are stunning in RL and even though it doesn't feature the hero or heroine I still like it. There is some horseback riding in the story but it's minor so my guess is that the horses on the cover are just there for show.

This was a short, sweet story. The local boy, Sam Beaudry gets out of the Marine Corps, comes back to his home town of Bear Root, Montana and becomes the sheriff. Sam's an easy going guy who has finally come home to settle down after doing some hard living. He left town years ago to work the oil fields. While traveling around the west he met and fell in with people who loved to party and use illegal drugs. Sam joined the Marines in the hopes of straightening his life out. Once out of the Marines he headed home, knowing that's where he really belonged. Sam's a hero that's easy enough to like but I didn't quite know what he wanted. He seemed like he was settled into his life as sheriff and had no ambitions beyond that. Sam is attracted to Maggie but he's certainly taking his time acting on that attraction.

Maggie has lived in Bear Root for almost two years, which is considered by locals about the time most outsiders leave. But Maggie intends to make this home for her and her son. She's a good nurse and good mom. She's easy to talk to and easy to like. Maggie is a single mom to her 12 year old son Jimmy who happens to idolize Sheriff Sam Beaudry. I liked Maggie for the straight forward way she had about her. She let Sam know that her son comes first and that she wouldn't do anything that wasn't in his best interest. She's attracted to Sam but doesn't think he's right for her. She isn't looking for anyone but can't seem to stop looking Sam's way.

Sam and Maggie dance around their attraction. Hilda, Sam's mom, has been encouraging the two to get together but so far she's having no luck. They are friends but keep that friendship from becoming more. When they finally do come together it's more of a clandestine meeting late at night. This is a small town and there is always talk and Maggie doesn't want that talk to hurt her son. Then there's Sam's past to deal with and the possibility that Star, the little girl, is his child. Who really is Star's father? Sam's not so sure it's him but he can't help but feel protective towards the little girl. The problem is he's not sure who or what he's protecting her from. There is an element of suspense and a bit of mystery to the story with no one knowing for sure who Star's father is.

I think this is one of those stories that while I enjoyed it, it could have done with more back story and more fleshing out of the characters. I didn't feel like I got to know them as much as I would have liked. Sam also has a missing brother, Zach, who might get his own book but I was unable to find any information on it. There was a character, a friend of Maggie's, that seemed to have a history with Zach. Maybe the two old flames will reunite in an upcoming book.

Rating: B


  1. Hi Leslie. It sounds as if the heroine had her head straight and was more together than the hero in this book. Did you buy the HEA at the end?

  2. The HEA and resolving the mystery came about quickly but I guess that's to be expected. Did I buy the HEA? Hmmm... yes, but again their relationship moved fast once they had sex. IMO it's because of the short format.

    I feel like I have to make exceptions when reading categories. :)

  3. This sounds pretty good. I'm going to add it to my wish list.

    For categories that are more fleshed out, have you tried Karen Templeton? I adore her categories.

  4. Holly ~ I haven't tried Templeton. I checked out her site and her Wed in the West looks good. Thanks. :)

  5. I still need to try out this author :D I have one book of hers... and it seems that most of her covers feature horses.

    Good review, Leslie!

  6. Every time I see a book by this author, I think about how good it sounds. K. I'm gonna try it. Thanks!

    And yes - Templeton is awesome. Everything she writes is fabulous. You should definitely try her!

  7. nath ~ I have one of hers on my TBR pile but it's a full length novel - no horses on the cover. :) I think I'll try it next instead of her categories.

    Lori ~ I'd heard of Eagle too but never gave her a try 'til now. I've added Templeton to the list. :)

  8. Lack of development all around has been a consistent problem in most of the categories I've read for this challenge so far. It's understanding then, the sweet feeling one might get as a result.

    I think I've been hard on some books in this challenge becuase I've felt all the Mayberry's I've read diud phenomenal with the short format. The short word count hasn't hurt any of her stories for me so far.

    And I sound like a broken record w/Mayberry lol!