Sunday, August 23, 2009

Westerns are Alive and Well...

Doesn't everybody love a western romance? I know I do and so do many of my fellow bloggers. In case you haven't heard, KristieJ of Ramblings on Romance, Wendy of The Misadventures of Super Librarian and Sybil from The Good, The Bad, The Unread declared last week The Great Western Drive. They blogged about western romances all week. Their posts have brought back some great memories of some of my favorite reads and in the true sense of romance bloggers they have added to my TBR pile. :)

If you haven't had a chance to check out their posts about all thing western then mosey on over to their blogs and get some great recommendations of some truly fine western romances. And there are some great giveaways too. I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more reviews of western romances in the near future. And if you prefer contemporaries - they're on the list too.

Many of my favorite authors were recommended and if you haven't read a western romance or it's been years since you have, I encourage you to give them a try.

Since the ladies gave so many good suggestions I thought I would make a different type of suggestion.

Authors I Wish Would Write A Western Romance

If you've been reading romances for any length of time you know that authors will sometimes do a switch. Either a switch in genres or sub-genres and their readers are not always happy about that switch. Personally, I would be happy if some of my favorite authors wrote one western romance. Just one please.

Lisa Kleypas ~ As a long time fan of Lisa Kleypas I have always enjoyed her heroes. Now imagine some of those heroes in a western setting. Maybe Nick Gentry as a card sharp in Tombstone? Or Derek Craven running a house of ill repute in Deadwood? Kleypas could definitely write a western hero to rival all western heroes.

Nalini Singh ~ The changelings out west... I know you can picture it. :) The wolves and cats all out in the wild west. They would have a heck of a lot more room to roam and the ancestors of Lucas and Hawke could really go wild.

Kresley Cole ~ Kresley Cole has written 5 historicals but no westerns. How much trouble do you think her Valkyries could cause in the old west? Lots! The Valkyries could be gunslingers, madams, ranchers, gamblers or trail bosses. Anything thing a man could do and still look beautiful doing it. I think they would fit right in. Three words: Nix ~ Train Robber.

So which of your favorite authors would you like to see write a western romance?


  1. The thing with western is not the setting that I don't like, but the time periods. Although yes, Lucas and Hawke facing each other in an empty street LOL :P interesting indeed!

  2. OMG Western Paranormals. Brilliant. Taming were-mustangs. Imagine the possibilities!

  3. I'd be all over an author leaving English settings to publish a western. I've lost track over the years the number of western authors who have abandoned ship for either England, paranormals, romantic suspense, even category romance!

    Tee Hee, now I'm amusing myself thinking of authors leaving England for the west. Eloisa James, Julia Quinn, Mary Balogh - OMG, readers would totally flip out! LOL

  4. nath ~ what don't you like about the time period? Inquiring minds...

    AnimeJune ~ were-mustangs LOL I hadn't even thought of that. How about were-donkeys? :)

    Wendy ~ I haven't read any James yet but Quinn and Balogh - Yes! I would snatch up their westerns in a heartbeat. :)

  5. I really don't know, Leslie... The weird thing is that I usually enjoy contemporary romances with ranchers ^_^; Isn't that weird, LOL?

  6. LOL - I was out of town when this post went up - but a big THANKS for the pimpage!!
    I would LOVE to see Lisa Kleypas write a Western. Many of her heroes aren't of 'the ton' so yep - they could make the transfer quite well to the old west.

    Hmmm - my picks - I'd love to see one from Elizabeth Hoyt. And Loretta Chase - they would both be good :-)

  7. nath ~ LOL. You're so weird - but in a good way. :P

    Kristie ~ Hmmm... Elizabeth Hoyt - cowboy who wears red boots. :)

  8. LOL, Leslie, I know... I know...

  9. Oh yes. I could totally see a Kleypas anti-hero in a western. Yummy.