Thursday, December 29, 2011

October Reads...

It's not even the end of the month and the monthly reads post is up! Unfortunately it's my reads for October. LOL Where did this year go!? I'm sure I say this every year but this year has flown by! The busy, craziness of Christmas is past but I find I'm having a hard time getting back into the groove. The distractions multiply everyday and the blogging and reviewing are paying for it. That's where determination and pure stubbornness come into play. The reading hasn't suffered much and I did manage to read some good books way back in October.

Audio Books

1. Unholy Ghosts/Stacia Kane/UF/B
2. One Grave at a Time/Jeaniene Frost/PNR/B-
3. New York to Dallas/J.D. Robb/Futurists RS/C+

I think some audio books are missing from the list but one of the best finds for the month was Stacia Kane's Downside Ghosts series. The narrator is Bahni Turpin who does an excellent job of bringing these characters to life. Absolutely love the accents she gives the characters. Very distinct and unique.

Print/Electronic Books

1. Snapped/Laura Griffin/RS/A
2. The Rose Garden/Susanna Kearsley/Time Travel/A
3. The Iron Knight/Julie Kagawa/YA Fantasy/A-
4. Real Men Will/Victoria Dahl/Contemporary/A-
5. City of Ghosts/Stacia Kane/UF/A-
6. The Virtuoso/Grace Burrowes/Historical/B
7. Unholy Magic/Stacia Kane/UF/B
8. After the Fire/Kathryn Shay/Contemporary/B
9. Frostfire/Lynn Viehl/PNR/B
10. Devil's Own/Veronica Wolff/Historical/B
11. Only His/Susan Mallery/Contemporary/B-
12. Devil's Highlander/Veronica Wolff/B-

As I'm writing up this post, I'm remembering all these wonderful books. Included are four new to me authors. Stacia Kane, Susanna Kearsley, Kathryn Shay and Veronica Wolff. All four are certainly worthwhile reads but at the same time, very different. Love it when I find new authors to read, although my mountain of a TBR pile merely groans in resignation!

*The stunning picture above was submitted by Sean Heavey for the 2010 National Geographic Photography Contest. You can see more submissions and the winner here.


  1. Leslie, that IS a stunning picture!

    You had a great October. I also read Shay for the first time this year, some of her books worked better for me than others -- After the Fire is a good one. I still have quite a few of them in my TBR.

    From your list, I still want to try Laura Griffin (I have one of her books), Julie Kagawa (also have a book), and I want to read The Rose Garden by Susanna Kearsley. Let's see what 2012 brings -- time to read, I hope.

    So sorry your end of year is still full of distractions. I hope they are good ones! :)

  2. Very stunning photo, indeed! Wow!

    You're the second person to very highly recommend The Rose Garden. I'm definitely reading it in 2012.

    I bought Snapped thanks to your rec, too! Another one for 2012. Looking forward to both!

  3. Hils ~ Good that you have the Griffin & Kagawa - both are very good!

    Ha - the offsprings are the distractions so I guess I can't complain too much since I made them. LOL

    Christine ~ Hope you enjoy both The Rose Garden & Snapped!

  4. LOL, Les! It's okay if your recaps are late, given that you've reviewed them all!! Seriously, how do you do it?!? Another good month for you :)

    And great picture. It looks so harmless when it's in a picture and yet...

  5. Nath ~ It's good I don't try to review all the audiobooks I listen to. I'd never get caught up!