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TBR Challenge Review: One Cowboy, One Christmas

One Cowboy, One Christmas
Kathleen Eagle
Double D Ranch/Book 2
Silhouette/December 1, 2009

From Goodreads ~

Stranded and half-frozen in a South Dakota snowstorm, bull rider Zach Beaudry reached out for help at the nearest house he could find. And the beautiful rancher-schoolteacher who answered the door was a vision. Zach thanked his lucky stars for the kindness of strangers. But to Ann Drexler, this man was no stranger.

Zach didn't seem to remember their shared night of passion all those years ago—but how could Ann forget? Seeing Zach on her doorstep was as shocking as seeing the ghost of Christmas past. And though running her family's wild mustang ranch gave Ann a thing for strays, she tried to keep her distance. Yet as Zach regained his strength and became indispensable with the horses, Ann had to wonder—was a second chance with this cowboy in her Christmas future?

The first book In Care of Sam Beaudry, which I read, was about Zach's older brother. And while the books are about brothers, the stories are set in different states so the characters may be related but the stories are written as stand alones. Both books are contemporary westerns complete with cowboys and ranch hands and at times a little heavy on the cowboy vernacular.

The life a rodeo cowboy takes it's toll on the body and for Zach Beaudry his body is about to give out, just like his truck does, leaving him stranded. This guy is banged up and in need of some tender care. In walks Ann Drexler who just happens to find the cowboy passed out on her doorstep. Ann and her sister Sally take in Zach and bring him back to life. Zach agrees to help out on the ranch in return for his truck is being fixed.

Ann and Zach have an almost immediate attraction even thought Zach isn't at his best when he shows up at Ann's home. Ann does have an advantage - she remembers Zach and the night they spent together eight years ago. Zach - no clue. They've both changed in those eight years, most notably is Ann's weight loss and increased self confidence. Zach is still himself, only older and we hope, wiser. He has slowed down his partying and given his current circumstances, that isn't going to change.

The romance is kinda sweet, kinda cute but I didn't fall into it like I had hoped. It came across as more of Ann's crush on Zach bearing fruit. I'm not sure why Zach fell for Ann. She's a nice person but would he have fallen for her if they hadn't been so isolated? Not sure. I think this is one romance that could have used more time to develop rather than the week or so that it took for Ann and Zach to fall head over heels.

Rating: C

Double D Ranch Series ~

In Care of Sam Beaudry
One Cowboy, One Christmas
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  1. Leslie, I read Once a Father and have In Care of Sam Baudry in my TBR, but I have to check and see if I also have this one. I'm sorry this book didn't do it for you. I know you really enjoyed In Care of Sam Baudry.